A Review Of The Global Resorts Network GRN Business

Are you reviewing the Global Resorts Network (GRN) opportunity and curious about if the company is legit or not? This unbiased review sheds some light on the company and the comp plan Who wouldn't love the opportunity to go on a vacation and make money as well? That is the emotion that Global Resorts Network works off of. The travel industry is big business, and they are capitalizing on that market. Let's take a closer look at the Global Resorts Network business? This should give you some basic knowledge about the company.

The Company Global Resorts Network is a 20 year old company that recently partnered with another company that had been selling resort packages for as much as $10,000. The two companies made the decision to merge together and offer their products through referral marketing. Cost To Join There are two ways that you can become a member of the Global Resorts Network. The Gold membership sells for $1,495 and the Platinum package markets for $2,995. GRN compares costs with several other popular travel companies and claim significant savings for their members. They state that a member pays only $298 for an 8 day, 7 night stay at over 5,000 possible destinations once per year.

They claim that this is an $1100 savings over the other companies. Compensation Plan You should also know a little about how the Global Resorts Network compensation works. There are two options depending on the initial package that you buy in at. Commissions are paid at $500 for each Gold membership package and $1000 for each Platinum membership.

The residual aspect comes in when you earn "roll-up" commissions off of your recruit's sales. You earn the same commissions as with your sales. Is There A Downside? So what is the downside, if any to the Global Resorts Network opportunity? GRN is a high ticket program, so not just everyone can afford the cost of the program.

They do offer financing, but with a 13% interest rate for a 60 month term. Ouch! One definite requirement for any network marketing business, like Global Resorts Network, is that you need to believe in the product before you can sell it to anyone else. Earning substantial commissions is possible, but only if you are able to recruit well. In conclusion, Global Resorts Network seems to be credible for catering to your vacation needs while earning an income on the side.

However, your success is determined entirely by how well you are able to market it. Mastering the art of marketing either online or offline is vital to your financial success.

If you are looking for a great opportunity, visit Brian's Wealthy Marketer website. Author: Brian McCoy is an industry leading internet marketer and President and CEO of McCoy Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time home business entrepreneurs.

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