Big Ticket To Wealth Review

Gerald Van Yerxa launched Big Ticket To Wealth in December 2007. He is an expert internet marketer, former owner of a chain of radio stations and long time network marketer Big Ticket To Wealth brings a host of internet marketing products to its members with full re-sale rights. The products that differentiate this company from companies like EDC Gold, Passport To Wealth, Wealthy Marketer and others, are its new "Flash Video" products. These flash videos are made for use in a number of different industries. Members in Big Ticket To Wealth have access to these products and can sell them at whatever price the market will bear.

There are flash videos made for affiliate marketers, real estate agents, network marketers and others. It is too early to tell how much members in this company can make by selling these videos, but since they cost as much as $1500 per minute to produce, they should prove profitable to many. The flash video product is a completely new product for this type of marketing company and should give other companies like EDC Gold and Wealthy Marketer, which market other internet marketing materials, a serious challenge. Opportunities like those offered by Big Ticket To Wealth attract members through their compensation plans.

The compensation plan here is also unique. There are three different levels of membership and compensation. They are: National Level $797 Executive Level $1,197 Presidential Level $1,997 The compensation from sales of these packages is $300 for the National package, $500 for the Executive package and $900 for the Presidential package. What differentiates this plan from the plans offered by other companies is the "matching override".

A member of Big Ticket To Wealth makes $900 when he/she sells a Presidential membership. That member's sponsor also makes a "matching" $900 override. Many people will likely become successful with this company because of the "matching" override. This is the incentive built into the compensation plan for sponsors to actively help their new members make sales and to continue such help.

It is a starkly different plan from a 1up or 2up plan. The goal of almost anyone who joins an internet marketing company is to be one of those few people that can make $30k per month or more. If Big Ticket To Wealth can develop a cadre of leaders that have the ability to help people close sales, then there will be people that are new to this industry that will achieve those lofty incomes. Big Ticket To Wealth plans to have significant training materials for its members.

That should help it become a company that has legs.

Big Ticket To Wealth Steve Jankowski is an internet marketer, business owner and attorney. He resides in Minnesota with his wife Nancy and their 4 daughters. He specializes in training and helping people learn how to market on the internet. He can be reached at: TopTIerMentor

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Big Ticket To Wealth Review - Big Ticket To Wealth is an internet marketing company that was launched in December 2007.