A Simple Discovery Makes SEO a Thing of the Past for Most Site Owners

Like thousands, maybe millions of site owners out there I have been trying with all the usual programs to enhance my SEO and finally reach the coveted number one position for my particular site and its subject. I am positive I am not alone when I say that I find it almost impossible to get anywhere near the top results with any search engine and I often feel as though I am fighting a losing battle. It seems that no matter what I do and how many programs I purchase to help in my plight I like most people don't stand a chance in hell of getting a sniff at the best positions. It appears that you have to have a massive advertising budget to even scratch the surface with the search engines and unless you are prepared to spend spend spend on adwords or adsense its a lost cause. Having tried in vain for more than four years which is probably a lot less than some of you who are reading this I was on the verge of giving up.

This was mainly because I just couldn't afford to carry on pumping my hard earned cash into programs that were supposed to help but never did. I searched and searched, often deep into the night as I'm sure many of you have also and I have been searching in vain. At least I thought it was in vain. Then it happened. I made an amazing discovery that in time will in my opinion change the Internet and the way the small guy lists his site and promotes his product.

Its official term is a Search Sub Engine and it can only be described as a mixture of Google Ebay and It promises to make the Internet a level playing field and no matter how large an advertising budget you have it wont be advantageous unlike the standard search engines. It rotates your listing very much like that of an auction site and gives everyone a chance to reach that all important number one position. Its also very cost effective and if it lives up to its promises should be a breath of fresh air for webmasters all over the net.

Although it will never replace the search engines it is a welcome affordable addition to every ones advertising arsenal in that it doesn't discriminate against the new and unseen sites and it gives everybody an equal chance of making those all important sales or at the very least it gets your site out there under the very noses of the people it was intended for.

Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer. Now a content online marketer. Be content with your marketing and research efforts. Using a system that actually works is the first important step visit my site

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