Amazing Ways to Boost Website Sales

Not satisfied with your website sales? Struggling to find ways to make your internet marketing dream actually work? Here are five proven tactics to get your internet sales into the fast lane and put money in the bank. 1. Make the best use of banner ads. Use them wisely, don't just splash them everywhere! Put plenty of factual, useful content on your site, interspersed with banners that are relevant to the subject.

Visitors will be psychologically 'programmed' to click on an interesting looking banner if they have been inspired or 'turned on' by some exciting content. 2. Contact some websites that deal with a related theme to yours and offer them the carrot of free advertising space.

(Yes, free! Don't be mean!Ask politely if you may have a link from their site to yours. If their sites are well known and respected this will reflect well on your own and will build trust and confidence in your visitors. Plus you will benefit from the back-link to your site in the search engines. 3. Make sure you have your contact details readily available so that visitors can get in touch before or after they buy.

Interacting with your visitors in a polite and helpful way when they have questions about any of your products or services will convert to more sales. And remember as a responsible internet marketer you should make sure your business address is also on the site. 4. Website owners who can demonstrate they care for more than just making a profit will generate huge amounts of goodwill.

Think of a good cause that your visitors can identify with and tell them that, during your special promotion, you will donate say $1 dollar per sale, or maybe a percentage of the selling price, to such-and-such a cause. Visitors will respond readily to such magnanimous giving. Naturally, you must do the right thing when the promotion ends and post a headline prominently saying how much you were able to send to the charity. 5. Every website should have a newsletter or course on offer.

These can be easily set up using an auto-responder and will enable you to keep in touch with your visitors on a regular basis. Your newsletter content will remind them of the benefits of visiting your site and you can give them the heads up on all the exciting new products and services you are offering. Keep each 'issue' short but full of useful content that your subscribers will be grateful to receive.

Put as many of these five tactics to work on your website as you can and see the difference. Every website needs sales, which means you must have visitors, and preferably repeat visitors who will buy again and again. Find a way into their hearts and minds and you can't lose.

Mervyn Love is the owner of a website dedicated to helping the new internet marketer find products, services and resources to build a cash income on the web. To join his newsletter go to:

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