Articles are THE Method for Promoting a New Website

So you launched that new website. It is getting visitors, but nothing like you'd had hoped. There must be a way, but you don't want to spends hundreds of dollars on backlinks, so you have to settle on those link directories. Or do you? The thing is, there is a great free method that all it takes is time, and the result can be absolutely fantastic. Writing articles. Writing articles .

so you may be wondering just what that entails. How do you take advantage of this great method, and how can the greatest marketing secret go so underused by many. Well, you just simply write an article of more than 500 words (this is easier than it appears, you're an expert afterall!). Then, write up a resource paragraph.

This is your way to make yourself shine. Put a backlink, hype your site, whatever works. This is included along with the article so you get credit and a free valuable on-topic (you wrote the page's topic too) backlink to you. So, you might wonder why, exactly, would someone put your article on their website. CONTENT.

That's right, content is still major on the internet. People build websites and they either have to write content themselves, or they can pick up incredible articles like yours from article directories. This is why so many articles are picked up from the article directories. As part of the deal, the webmasters must leave all links intact and working just like the authors set them up.

This means as your article spreads, it gets you more backlinks, more relevant, and your website becomes more authoritative on the internet. Pretty cool, huh? So, what are all the benefits and details of me taking a few minutes to impart my valuable information on the world? Writing articles is one of the best-working methods of getting a site's presence known. Search engines find the backlinks in your resource box of articles and can find your site easily. People read what you have to write and visit your site to find out more. Sometimes articles even get picked up in newsletters or ezines, giving even more coverage. Your article should have something to say, or a point to make.

Remember, you should be giving your reader good information they want, not a press release and don't self-promote. If you write well on your topic and give good information, you only stand to gain. There are 3 big things you get from writing articles, which are to mark you as an expert, giving you quality backlinks, and the traffic you get from people reading the articles are already interested in your topic, making them extremely targeted. EXPERT You mark yourself as an expert when you write articles. You are giving out free information of use to readers.

Readers in general will find all of the articles you have written and come to see you as an expert due to your vast knowledge in your topic. BACKLINKS You get high-quality backlinks to your website from the resource box of wherever your articles are on the internet. Search engines will see this and you are getting great on-topic backlinks that are now and will always be great for your link popularity. HIGHLY-TARGETED TRAFFIC The readers that are reading your articles are already interested in the topic and are trying to find out even more information. This means you have a highly-targeted audience right from the beginning and it is likely many readers will follow the link to your website to find out more. Writing articles is one of the best ways to market your website there is.

You get to share information with your potential visitors, and in the process get great backlinks which are always a huge part of increase your position in the search engines. You can in fact write your own success story, literally. The price . FREE.

Tony Kristovich is the owner of, an article directory where you can submit articles for massive exposure, and pick up great new content for free.

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