Basic Steps for Newtwork Marketing

The first of a few network marketing strategies that I would like to discuss here is that you should learn all that you can from your upline. Find out what it is that they do to be successful and then copy it. This will shorten your learning curve immensely. Pay close attention to what the other people around you are doing, and in particular what they are having success with, and repeat it. Don't reinvent the wheel: there's no need. You must allow yourself to be teachable and open to learning new ways of doing things.

The second essential network marketing strategy is you must be organized. You must have a system to keep track of who you have called and when. You need have an organized system for you to be able to keep notes so that when you follow up with your prospects you can remember your prior conversations. Relationship Hint: If they talk about something personal, or mention someone's name who may be a family member or someone who is close to them (they may refer to a birthday, a new birth, a dog or cat's name .) write the information down so you can refer to it (casually) when next talking. This is about developing the relationship, and please always remember the importance of the relationships which you develop whilst prospecting, and how sound you can develop them by using simple little hints like this one.

The next prospecting network marketing strategy that I want to discuss is who you should look for while prospecting, once you have used up all of those personal contacts I mentioned in another article: Those personal and business prospecting lists I suggested. Statistics actually say that the perfect prospect to look for are people who own a home, and that the best of the best are usually between 35 and 65. Just remember that: it's a statistical fact. Yes, statistically speaking, these are the people that truly excel in network marketing. So, as with many other things, awareness is a valuable tool. Keep your eyes out for Mr or Mrs Perfect, but also learn to use your instincts and intuition when pursuing your propects as you develop the numbers which are critical for your business growth and success.

Always remember this: Learn Learn Learn. Soak up every ounce of information and the experience of others. Use any resource that you can find to help you be successful with your prospecting. Read books and take classes that will teach you new and effective prospecting paradigms. There is so much to learn when talking about the subject of prospecting for your network marketing home based business. Actually, we all learn best through personal experience, so use the network marketing strategies that are given above as guidelines and then just go out there with a positive attitude and prospect, prospect, prospect! You can do it! Remember to be confident rather than arrogant; and stay focused on creating great relationships as you go.

These relationships will be the foundation on which you build your very own network marketing empire.

Phil Evans is the founder of and Director of SynergyBizNet. His 12 steps for creating the new you in life and business have made a profound impact on thousands of business owners, MLM'ers, entrepreneurs and personal development students around the world. To learn more visit:

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