Become The Hunted In Your Network Marketing Business

Well this one is very simple, but really not understood by many. Alright my question is, why do you sponsor with someone in the first place? The main reason someone sponsors with a certain individual is because the sponsor knows more than they do. The prospects perceived value of the sponsor is very high. In other words, the prospect thinks they can learn from this person and they can truly help them succeed.

So how do you up your perceived value which will lead you to more sign ups? Simple, add more value to yourself. Dang it Westly I knew you were going to say that! Let me explain what value really is in this industry. Value is information, plain and simple. The information you know that will lead you to success is powerful. The main reason I sponsored with my sponsor was because he knew way more than me about marketing and promoting.

It was a no brainer, sign with him and he will teach you how to do the same thing. So back to the question of how to gain value. Well, go out and learn something your prospects don't know.

Fill a need or a problem that your prospects have. Give them information for free in a newsletter and teach them all that you know. Golden Rule of Marketing: Give without any expectation of getting something in return. Alright maybe I just made that up, but it damn well should be the golden rule because people have this industry very twisted. Everyone expects people to just join up with them on their team automatically.

Throw some replicated websites up and sponsor them. Don't get me wrong there're some doing this, but the people in their organization have a drop out rate of about three months. Do you want to rebuild your business every three months? Didn't think so. If one of these people came up to me and said, "Hey you should join me in my business.

" I would take that as, "Hey I don't know you but give me 1000 bucks." Are you kidding me? Ultimately people join people, not a product, not a comp plan and not a company. They join you. So ask yourself a question. Would you want to join you? This is huge, once you actually believe deep in your heart that you can help people then yes people will want to work with you.

Please do it the right way first and you will have long term success, I guarantee it. Giving your knowledge away for free builds trust and it builds relationships, which is the right way to build a business. If you help people solve their problems, soon enough your problems will have solutions too. Believe me if I kept learning something different from someone every couple days or every week I would definitely pay money to join their team.

Simply because the perceived value is so high due to all the knowledge they have shared. What am I suggesting? I suggest you go out and start adding value to yourself. Get yourself educated on the industry and start learning what truly works. Trust me in this industry if you learn something that works you will have more value than 90% of everyone in it. There is a lot of horrid information going around so if you find something that works, share it with people. Trust me people will sign up with you just to learn more.

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