Blazing new trails and profits with old marketing tools

One of the most fascinating things I see happening right now is the confusion around the internet. Many people are out there hyping up that the internet is "different". That you need to deal with people "differently".

That people have somehow miraculously "changed" and they don't respond to marketing like they used to. Hogwash! The internet is a magnificent medium to get the message out on a world scale. But people are people and they have NOT changed their fears, insecurities, dreams and desires.

Has YOUR fears around your financial future changed? Are you any different now than you were 5 years ago with regards to wanting more out of life? Of course not. And your customers are no different at all. People are people and the core needs and wants will not change for many generations to come. The specifics change ? today it is ipods ? 10 years from now it will be some techno-gizmo you plug into your head maybe. But the reason people want ipods today is to be with the "in" crowd. To have a wonderful little tech tool to "escape".

Is that any different than the advent of the internet, or for that matter, the television? Remember this the next time you hear how much things have changed. Yes, our lives are more complicated ? but it makes us want change, improvement and freedom even more. So when you are out there marketing your goods and service ? look deep to what core desires you help them address.

Only by digging deep there will you find the golden secret to marketing success. Speaking of "The Secret". Notice all the controversy surrounding the movie? Why? Couple reasons: It isn't a secret! Never was ? it has been discussed in books, movies, and training events for decades ? centuries.

They have done a masterful job on the marketing side and I think a few people are getting quite jealous. They realized that the message is no different ? just a different way of telling the message was needed. And it worked ? far beyond anyone's grandest of expectations. The other part is beyond the subject of this blog ? the fact that positive intentions are not enough. You must take action to attract what you want. Some people are quite upset that the movie will generate a new cult of couch sitting attractors.

Sitting on your couch with positive intentions to make a million won't do it. Combine positive intentions with massive action to achieve that ? and you will. It is a great movie and I LOVE the marketing they have done! It is the perfect example of marketing done right ? and hitting the core desires of the mass public. Lots to be learned from their efforts.

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