Businesses Profit with On Demand CD Production

With eCommerce flourishing on the Internet today it is more than just a convenience for many professionals in the self help business to be able to order CDs on demand. This technology makes it possible for many people to do more and better business. One hypnotherapist used to provide his clients with audio cassette tapes. When his patients told him that they would like CDs instead because they didn't have tape players any more, he needed someone to help produce the CDs. People often need someone to manufacture, package and ship CDs or DVDs, and to track the orders and accounting.

You probably don't want to order 500 or 1000 CDs at a time, because you might not know which CDs will be the most popular. The cd on demand production model, however, gives you the ability to produce and ship custom packaged CDs or DVDs, one at a time using Acutrack's On Demand model which includes a back-end to a person's website which they can manage by themselves. "It's all tied together.

With hundreds of titles which I quickly set up to sell," said Richard McFall, a hypnotherapist in California. "The on demand model makes it possible for my company to exist. I simply send the files and it all happens a short time later.

I'm a hypnotherapist. I like that kind of magic." The custom artwork, designed by Acutrack's graphics department uses his logo on the labels and covers of the content, which adds value to each one of the CDs. Competitors are still doing content management in-house while he has virtually eliminated inventory and obsolescence costs of pre-produced inventory. Self help professionals can offer customers more than 150 CD titles.

If these had to be manufactured, stocked, inventoried and shipped, it would be virtually impossible because most places would require minimum orders of 1000 for cost efficiencies. That means they would have 150,000 CDs sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Here's how it works. You just upload the content and on demand technology processes orders. Even the billing (every 30 days) is easy and reliable, and funds from your clients come in with no worries. Logistics, inventory, personnel, facility and equipment costs to duplicate the on demand service would make starting businesses like this impossible.

Product titles can be added every day without having to worry about how to stock it, pay for it, or produce it.

Kristin Gabriel is the marketing communications director for Acutrack, Inc. ( The company enables customers to create, publish and deliver custom content for DVD replication services or CD manufacture and distribution worldwide. Acutrack's proprietary On Demand production gives customers the ability to produce and ship custom packaged CDs or DVDs one at a time. Ideal for customers who are selling downloadable content and are not sure how many units to produce; On Demand takes care of inventory, packaging and fulfillment. Richard McFall owns United Hypnotherapy (

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