Commitment and MLM Success

If you have not been successful in your online business yet then it is likely that is because of our commitment level. Right now I want you to measure your commitment level. Rate it from 1 being the least committed to 10 being the most committed towards your success online. Now let's take that number and put a zero behind it and turn it into a percentage.

For example 4 would now be 40% and 6 would be 60%. It is important to first know this commitment level before you will be able to figure out how and by how much it needs to be raised. Why is your commitment level such an important factor in your success? It is important because depending on how committed you are, your actions will change. You will do more productive activities when you have a higher level of commitment than you ever would with less commitment. Your mind and actions change because your focus has changed.

In order for me personally to become successful online I had to achieve a 100% commitment level. That is when I knew that this was my passion and that I wanted nothing else besides success through an internet business. My commitment changed my daily routine immensely. I would then wake up in the morning, get on the computer and begin work on things that I knew would progress my online business. With my free time I would read blogs, articles, listen to training audios and videos and continue to expand my knowledge and apply that knowledge as best I could.

Every moment I had I would be anxious to work on my business because I had a 100% commitment level and a very strong desire to create time and financial freedom for myself in the near future. Once I started working on my business like this I had new ideas for my business constantly popping up in my mind and essentially the universe came together to form what was a strong desire into a clear path towards my goal. It was not long at all before I was making enough online to quit my day job and work full time from home.

How many rags to riches stories have you heard or read? If you have been online for much time at all I'm sure you've seen at least quite a few, and if you have been online longer you have probably seen many. These are people who practically had nothing to work with except a strong desire and commitment, and now earn multiple six figure incomes. There are many people who have experienced that and the only difference between them and others is their extreme commitment to success. They would not accept failure. I was only moderately successful for a couple years when I first started out.

I had a commitment but it was only 50 or 60%. My breakthrough as explained earlier did not come until I chose to give it my all and went for it 100%. The truth is that even with a 50 or 60% commitment level you will not receive the results you desire.

In fact even 70 to 80% is not acceptable. If you want to make a full-time income online you need to be 90 or 100% committed. You need to provide your online business a power boost by working on it every chance you have, brainstorming and thinking about it even while you may be at your regular job, and working late nights to ensure change. Trust me, if you work like this you will receive major change in your business within just a few weeks, and within a few months easily be making the money you need to continue it full time from home and be free of your day job. The great thing is that after you have done this for a while and experienced its success it actually will take less and less commitment on your end to continue that success into the long future. You will have cut out your job and have more free time, and even if you work less on your online business since you already have gained the knowledge and financial foundation.

you will be perfectly fine! Now that is time and financial freedom! The important thing is getting yourself to that level, the crazy desire and commitment level, because it is then your thinking and actions will change. I will now share with you the different characteristics one has with a 100% commitment level. If this does not describe you then try to get motivated, discover your emotional why for why you are doing this in the first place, and try to adopt the characteristics in order to boost your commitment level through the roof. Again, the following are shared from the viewpoint of someone with a 100% commitment level. 1) If it is to be, it is up to me. As a highly committed individual you know that your future and success depends only on you.

You will not even believe in the ability for someone else to have control over this. Your failure can only be blamed on one person, you. 2) I will make the time to succeed. You may have a very busy schedule, but you believe and know that there is enough time in each and every day for your business.

You will not stand even one day, but instead walk at least one foot closer each day towards the door of success. Even ten minutes spent productively is better than nothing. 3) My time will be spent on activities that produce the most results.

The fact is that 20% of what you do online will create the majority of your results. You need to focus on the things that create those results. Spending all of your time checking e-mail, reading forums, or chatting is usually never a productive way to spend your time.

Placing advertisements or anything that will produce real results is well spent time. 4) I will make myself coach-able and shaped into the characteristics needed for me to succeed. You are aware that some of the things you may have been taught and learned in the past are not true and will only hinder your success. You allow yourself to learn and have the humility to know that each person you come in contact with has the potential to share knowledge that could help you. You are also aware that some of your current habits may hinder or block your success online, and you will need to work on changing these habits. You have the courage and power to move beyond any obstacle that comes in your way.

5) I have a burning desire so strong that I will seek out mentors and attempt to soak up every bit of knowledge they have. This is a big one and I have noticed this characteristic only in those who become very successful. Most leaders are more than happy to help, but you must have the desire to chase after them, ask questions, and pursue them to follow their lead. Too many people have the desire to learn but they do not act on it. Successful mentors and leaders do not have the time to be chasing after you trying to teach you, you need to feel comfortable with approaching them on a regular basis because it is easy for them to forget about you or lose touch.

Those that have contacted me on a regular basis asking for tips on things they are doing or on their marketing have experienced impressive improvement. Make sure to find several mentors that you want to learn from. It sounds simple but it is always easier said than done. Check your commitment level on a regular basis and make sure to keep it full to the brim if you want results fast.

Darren Olander is dedicated to teaching others how to create a success online through internet network marketing strategies. He is a site owner, article writer, coach & marketing consultant enjoying the benefits of working full time from home. Learn more about him at

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