Creating Perceived Value

Regardless of whatever it is you are selling, you have to create what is called perceived value. In other words, if somebody sees your resale rights package, after reading the description they have to walk away from their reading saying to themselves, "This is something that I believe will be very valuable to have." So, how do we do that? There are a few ways to create perceived value. One way is to load up your package with a number of extras at no cost. This is not to suggest that you give the customer a ton of useless junk.

People will see through this in a heartbeat. You want to give them things that will compliment the main part of the package. For example. Let's say you are giving somebody simple resale rights to an ebook on how to make money online. This book teaches people the basic steps of creating their own web site, how to promote it, how to build a subscriber base and so on. What you may want to do is give them a few things in addition to the book itself that will help them accomplish these tasks.

You might want to consider throwing in a book on effective ad writing so people can learn how to write good ads. Maybe include a book on web site design for the person who doesn't know anything about HTML for creating his own site. This would be something that he would normally have to pay for elsewhere and now you are giving it to him for nothing.

If you throw in enough of these items the potential customer is likely to feel that he is getting more than his money's worth and will be more likely to purchase your package. Many of today's sites have as many as 5 or 6 of these add on products. Another thing you can do to create perceived value is through real testimonials.

Obviously if the product is new you're not going to have any testimonials. That is an easy problem to solve. Simply contact a few people and tell them you are giving them your product to test, free of charge. All you ask in return is that if they like the way it performed that they submit a testimonial to use on your sales page. Most people will jump at the chance to try out a new product.

Once the testimonials start coming in, you can put them up on your site. When people see these they are more likely to believe the product is legit and valuable. But the most important thing to creating perceived value, believe it or not, is the actual look of the product itself, especially with ebooks. It has been tested and proven that a 3D shot of your ebook cover, suggesting that it is a real book and not just a PDF file, makes people feel it has more value because they believe that a real hard copy of this book exists. There are a number of software programs out there that can create these covers, many that are very inexpensive.

Just these three simple things can add more perceived value to your product than anything you can do with the actual product itself. Try it. You won't be sorry.

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