DigiXMAS Submitter The fastest semiautomated directory submission tool

Internet Directories plays important role in every link building campaigns. There are two reasons why we submit our sites to directories: first, to get more targeted traffic and secondly, to build link popularity for better ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), especially for Google Search Engine. Unfortunately, directory submission can be very annoying and time consuming. For webmasters with bigger budget for link building campaign, the best way is hire SEO Company to do such jobs.

For ones, who have very limited budget, the best way is submitting their sites by themselves, by using some semi-automated directory submission tool. There are several such tools available on the recent market. One of the best, digiXMAS Directory Submitter is the fastest semi-automated directory submission tool that can save a lot of your valuable time.

By build-in smart features, this tool can reduce submission time to minimum, but at the same time maintains the same quality as manual submission. DigiXMAS Submitter can work in two modes: Shinkansen and Truck Mode. In Shinkansen mode, based on website's submission data and manually confirmed category selection, the tool sends inclusion request directly to directories and analyses response to report the result. User doesn't have to visit directories. In Truck Mode, the tool is equipped with smart auto-form filler and 10 browsers in Firefox-tab style. Only thing user has to do in this mode is navigating to the appropriate category, opening submit page and click submit button.

All the rest will be done by the tool. The key features of digiXMAS Submitter are listed bellow: Common features: - Automatic rotation of three sets of anchor text and description text. - Automatic record of anchor text, submission status, submission date and selected category. - Support of online mode, so your directory list is always 'fresh'. - Possibility of re-sending submission requests that failed.

- Possibility of re-sending out-of-date submission requests. - Colorful directory list that clearly shows the submission status of each site. - Detailed submission reports. - Support of multiple sites in a single account. - Support of proxy connection.

- Flexible service packages are available (from free to premium). Shinkansen Mode's features: - Smart, self-learning category selection algorithm guaranties that your website is quickly submitted to most appropriate category. - Automated record of submission error messages. - Long list of directories with Google Pagerank, updated daily. - Automated site's listing check with recording exact anchor text. - Possibility of manual image verification or category adjustment during submission.

- Up to 10 concurrent directory connections that reduce your time to minimum. Truck Mode's Features: - Smart, self-learning Directory Form Analyzer that allows quick and easy adoption of the new directory to user's own directory list. - Support of user's own directory lists.

- Up to 10 browsers in Firefox tabs-style, with auto form filling feature. - Huge, categorized directory lists. - Possibility of displaying several information about webpage: Number of Links, Google Pagerank, Google Cache Date and Links with no follow attribute.

Give a try! You can save a lot of your valuable time and you'll discover that directory submission is also enjoyable.

For complete information about digiXMAS Submitter and its offered service packages, visit digiXMAS Submitter.

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