Dreaming Yourself to Online Success

Do you know what is better than a double espresso in the morning. Logging into my online business acocunt and finding an additional $1,200 has been deposited into my bank account while I was sleeping. Imaging how that would make you feel. I want to give you a sneak peek at how You too can go to bed tonight and have additional monies deposited into your bank account while you sleep ~ it's easier than you think. All you need to know is my behind the curtain secret. You see the Internet is an amazing place; I have the ability to do bussiness all over the World 24 hours a day.

without ever meeting them or speaking to them in person. I now have the ability to interact with millions if not billions of people providing them valuable information (software, e-Books, reports, reviews, digital video and lectures) that they are more than eager to pay for and cost you pennies on the dollar to produce. "I can't write a newsletter, or a book"." Do not worry; there are plenty of people that offer wonderful products ready for you to market. This is called Affiliate Marketing, where you receive a percentage commission for every item sold or individual referred depending on the agreement you have with the company you are promoting. The Big Secret to pulling this off is "Automation.

" Any successful online company has four parts: 1 - The product. 2 - The computer technology to run the business. 3 - Website visitors, better know as "Traffic". 4 - A sales process to convince your visitors to become your paying customers.

One big misunderstanding is allot of people believe that is I have a product and a website I am guaranteed to make money. Some do, but it requires allot of time and manual labor to pull this type of web business off. An internet business may appear simple to construct and mange, but to do it properly it is not. A successful online business requires allot of hardware, software, programming skills, and follow-up capabilities.

First, you need this thing called a Hosting Company to operate your web server that will allow your website to be seen by people. Now you need a knock your socks off Sales Page to let your visitors know why they should buy from you and not the Joe next door. In this page, you will need a mechanism to allow people to leave their name and email address so you can contact them in the future to inform them of special promotions or sales they may be interested in, in the future. You need an Auto-Responder to follow-up with your customer list, and Audio and Video service to spice up your sales page, increasing sales. Lastly, we need to be able to track all the people that are coming and going from our website, so we are able to identify what ads are working and what is a complete bust. You want to measure your business performance in order to constantly improve your business.

One of the major reasons behind Online Business failure, is the lack of proformance monitoring, and striving for constant improvement. This is done by Split Testing. Split Testing is running two ads head to head against each other testing which ad copy converts the best. This is expensive, and incredibly time consuming to implement and manage. Your time is a valuable commodity, you do not want to waste allot of it managing your business, testing ad copy, and learning new technology. You have a goal to strive for: Spend no more than 10% of your time learning technology and 90% of your time finding new traffic and converting them into customers.

You to can make Big Money while You Sleep. Great, so how can I do this? The first choice you have is to hire professionals. In the internet world, they are called Webmasters they set up and run the "technologies" required for you to run your business. They are not cheap, so be prepared to fork over some money. Or, you can find an integrated web-business service where all the technologies are bundled into one complete package. This is Online Automation at its best… and how I Dream my way to Success.

Copyright (c) 2007 Chris Sullivan.

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