Everyone Should Have A Home Business Blog More Than Reasons Why

This may be a day dream but if everyone had a home business blog the world would change. If everyone had a second income how could it change us? The mental exercise of creating products, sales systems, and traffic systems is very useful to the sanity of a person. It actually makes you more sane and happy to create and share with others. You get to be the boss, the king, the big cheese in your own little universe. I am happier when I am creating or learning something useful and of course making extra money is a very big plus. A home business can bring in enough to make a utility bill payment or as much as down payment on a new home.

How much you make is up to you. In the U.S. a home business is just about the safest and the best tax write off you could create.

Get a copy of Turbo Tax with the business version and you will find lots of things are a recommended deduction. Imagine that, a home business blog is a money maker even when it is not that is one heck of a deal.

By the way I started mine as a tax write off and decided to turn it into a retirement vehicle. Can you imagine the impact it would have on America if everyone was making an extra $10,000 to $100,000 per year on the side? Just the fact that we would raise our ability to use words and sentences to communicate with each other would have a greater effect on society than the money. But, the money would be good.

Young adults could find a valuable part time activity that is safe, fun, profitable, & contributes to the society. Not to mention the extra money would help take the strain off of mom & pop. Wow! Let's summarize, a part time home business blog could: 1) Make you more money. 2) Make you happier, smarter, & more fulfilled.

3) Cut your taxes. 4) Improve your literacy. 5) Help our children & reduce delinquency. 6) And if enough of them were created.

Change the World! Get started on you home business blog right away! Pick a subject! Make a product! Change the world! It could happen.

Thomas Jackson is the owner and operator of Where you can get a free home business website worth $50,000.

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