Experts Suggest Link Directory Submission Process To Get More One Way Links

SEO experts suggest link directory submission process that will improve your numbers - in terms of link backs dramatically. Many newbie webmasters and even the veterans follow an arbitrary process of link directory submissions. They do not have a process 1. To check if they have submitted their links correctly, 2. If it has been accepted? 3. Is the link pointing to the correct page? 4.

Are the titles and descriptions what you want? They submit the links and forget about it. If you wish to get top rankings for your website on the search engines this kind of haphazard and half-hearted measures won't work. Experts suggest link directory submission process that follows a step-by-step approach to getting one-way links. 1.

Make sure you choose SEO friendly web directory. The one-way links should be direct, static, and SEO-friendly. Javascripts, robots no follow tags means you won't get any SEO benefit from the link back.

2. Find the best category/sub-category for your web site link. Browse or use search to find the best page to place your link. The page should contain relevant material to your niche and is one or two clicks away from the home page of the directory. Burying your link 10 pages deep won't give you much benefit.

3. Pay attention to your title and description for your website link. Don't think you have to stuff them with keywords. Write in a normal, catchy and descriptive manner with keywords naturally thrown in. 4. Write multiple titles, descriptions with various keywords and mixed.

Have at least 10-15 variations. When submitting mix and match titles and descriptions. If search engines find hundreds of links with the same anchor text and description they will simply discount the links. It will be waste of your time and effort to submit to these sites. 5. Make sure your website is completed in all respects.

Human editors may not like to see under-construction or broken link pages. They may reject your site submission for these reasons. 6. Make your link directory submission and note the web directory URL and category under which you have submitted the page. 7.

About a week later check that your link has been listed in the correct directory category, with the description and title of your choice. 8. If you feel that it has been listed in wrong category or some other issue write to the editors to make the required correction. Best is to ensure that you follow all their guidelines and submit the human friendly title and description.

9. Look for niche directories that accept only links from particular niche categories. 10. Make your title and description catchy enough that when a human visitor chances upon it, they will click on it. Repeat the process. Experts suggest link directory submission targets for every week.

Say you set a target 15 one-way links per week. Over time you will notice that this process comes automatically to you and you will be getting quality one-way links that are SEO friendly. Experts suggest link directory submission process to become part of your daily routine. You will start noticing results with in a month and in less than a year you should be dominating your niche.

Written by: Tom Dahne and Paul Martin Website: and Tom Dahne and Paul Martin are the owners of the very popular directory called Link Directory which is 100% SEO friendly and Human edited, and it accepts free and paid submissions for any quality website so feel free to submit your website today for inclusion.

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