Free Ways to Drive Customers to Your Website

Traffic is essential if you want to promote your products to the internet. Not all traffic methods are paid when you are promoting your products. You may drive targeted traffic so as to increase your sales conversion rate for free. I would like to share my favorite traffic tips for making money on the internet. Traffic Tip #1: Get active on social sites that focus on your niche market Social network sites, blogs and forums are popular with particular markets.

You can promote your products to these sites. And also attract targeted visitors to your sites. You can go to, search blogs and forums that related to your products. By joining blogs, forums and social network sites, you can become an industry expert and build your credibility as you spread the word about your business.

It's a great way to build good and long term relationships and turn potential visitors into people who will buy from you again and again. To find blogs that related to your niche market, try to search on keywords which you target at And to find forums that related to your market, do many searches for your target keywords and add the word "forum".

For the social networks, you can go to then search it. Traffic Tip #2: Give away your free content Article submission is one of the free traffic strategies. Make sure to write original articles with useful information then submit these to article directories for free.

By using this way, you will get great backlinks pointing to your sites, which help your sites with search engine optimization (SEO). Other people get opportunity to republish your articles to their own sites as far as you give the permission to them. You need an article submitter software to speed process of the article submission to hundreds of article directories to get a lot of backlinks and attract targeted visitors to your sites. Traffic Tip #3: Submit your site to web directories By submitting your site to hundreds or even thousands of web directories, you not only get backlinks to your site but you also get free traffic to your site. This way can boost ranking of your site with major search engines. Your site can get top ranking on the search engines for profitable keywords, and make sales for your products.

Traffic Tip #4: Exchange links to many relevant websites as possible You need a good SEO (search engines optimization) software to research relevant websites that related to your market. And also maintain the linkings for long term. Then you ask webmasters of the websites to exhange links with your sites. By this way, you can get visitors that are from other websites that related to your site. Traffic Tip #5: Advertise your products to online classified sites Free online classified sites are great because they have high traffic. So you can advertise your products to these for short term.

And your site get backlinks from the classified sites. Your site can get traffic from these. You may do the advertisement on the sites again and again. Just remember, driving traffic to your site is an ongoing process. You'll need to constantly test the effectiveness of the strategies you use, in order to figure out which one works best for you.

By using the traffic tips, you attract traffic and generate backlinks to your sites for free. You need to constantly use these traffic tips for your long term business. And you can make money on the internet for your products.

To discover more about traffic, you can visit to Internet Marketing Secrets. He also runs Get Fit After Kids and Free Money with Paid Surveys.

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