How I Beat My Rivals at Google for My Main Keywords

Recently Google delivered whopping blows against thousands of websites whose owners have ambitiously used paid text links in order to boost their PR for their precious keywords. Were you one of them? If yes, there is still hope of recovery. If not, you are about to learn how my websites stood their ground and began rising while everyone elses website was falling. Allow me to rephrase: while countless website owners have suffered from a major blow that I just mentioned above, one website went the opposite direction! Yes, that is correct. That website rose to the top of the first page to 5th, 4th, and 3rd place at Google for my main keyword after sitting on 13th place on the second page, practically invisible. What is my secret? There is really no secret to explain.

What I did differently from my competitors was only one simple step too easy and cheap to pass by that worked extremely well at Google. Since Google in particularly, dislike text link buying to boost your PR of keywords, they obviously would flavor any website owner who uses a natural approach, and would be handsomely rewarded with better PR. Here is my simple strategy: Take advantage of a unique article distribution service that distributes your article to massive number of websites that are related to your website subject. This service alone has been responsible for literally thousands of unique links that Google took notice of and that would have been too costly to afford otherwise. Imagine adding thousands of new links, each one containing your precious keywords and the approach that Google loves to death.

Why? Because this approach is definitely a natural way to build links for your website and it is so unbelievably cheap in comparison to paying for hundreds of text links on a monthly basis. is an incredible article distribution service that I used to build over eight thousand links for one of my most productive websites that dominates not only the most coveted keyword in my niche-health field, but for several other keywords such as acai berry, acai juice, acai fruit, acai product, acai benefit, and many more. If you are in doubt and want hard proof, go to Google and see where my website www. ranks for the before mentioned keywords. Nothing speaks louder than practical realities. Important Note: In addition to utilizing service to build mighty link muscle, I used several hundreds of reputable web directories such as Yahoo directory and http://www. and many others that can be found at DirectoryCritic. This is vital, if you really want to rise high for your main keywords.

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