How to be Successful on the Internet

Are you continually asking yourself, how can I make money on the Internet? Have you built a web site and maybe even created a blog attempting to sell your product in cyberspace? Getting noticed online is not an easy task. If your looking for a consistant way to drive traffic, have you ever considered article marketing? Article marketing is a great way to attract prospects to your online business. Once you apply this strategy and after a little practice it's not difficult to get people interested in your product knocking at your door or in this case your web site or blog. One of my favorite things about article marketing is that I can upload it and forget it! Once your article is written and published correctly it will bring you traffic for a long time. An example of this was back in January of this year when I wrote an article on golf. Having written the article on golf in January, it didn't get read nearly as much as I had hoped.

However it does not cost anything to write an article online so even though I had fun writing it in January my golf article drew very little attention. Until Now! Surprisingly, this article is now more popular due to the season golf is played. All anyone interested in golf has to do is put the key word which in this case is golf into their browser and regardless of how long ago the article was written it will still appear.

Article marketing is a good strategy when selling products online. It's also very useful in search engine optimization for your online site. As a side benefit online articles make great link backs! You can start with little or no cost by writing the article and having the article directory publish it. By finding a keyword geared towards your niche and targeting your audience, your content will get noticed. Your name will be seen and you will look like the expert in whatever niche that you are in. From a publishers point of view it's also a great idea because they get free content.

Keep your articles short and to the point. When writing an article for online publication, it is important to keep the topics interesting. One technique that works well is to pinpoint a problem that your reader is having within your article. What you're looking to do is get your reader compelled and to the point of shaking his or her head in agreement by asking leading questions. People go through life wondering how to become successful and how to make a decent amount of money to live on. This is where you come in by taking the reader to your resource box.

Besides writing strong content, the key thing in getting an article to work for you is by having a strong resource box. A resource box comes at the end of an article, gives some information about the author and most importantly directs the reader in what to do next. The resource box also may include a sales pitch, an offer and your web site or blog. It is always a good idea to offer something free to your readers within your resource box. An e-book or report usually works well. At this point you are beginning to build a relationship with your reader.

People don't like to be sold, but eventually they will buy from a friend. When used consistently and directed at the right audience article marketing can be very beneficial, not only to the publisher of the article, but to you the business owner as well.

Scott Becker is an author, visionary, believer and creator. he authors 2 blogs, and and has been online for over 10 years. Although he writes on many subjects his expertise is in online marketing and mental health. To read more articles like this one, go to

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