How to Earn Your Income from Directories

Internet directories have been the most favorite and preferred source of income for hundreds of internet entrepreneurs. These are the simplest source of creating traffic and incoming for your expired domain names. If you have a set of good expired domain names that need quality links and traffic, you can consider using one of the internet directories for the purpose. Internet directories could be a constant source of income for your expired domain business with their innumerable benefits and advantages. You can use internet directories in a number of ways to create income for your domain expired.

Here are some of the well-known ways of making money from online directories: 1. Promoting your expired domain based web portal in internet directories: One of the most popular methods of using an expired domain based web portal is to project it in front of a number of internet directories and make it earn a good name. It means that you will be trying hard to create a niche for your expired domain name by adding immense value to the name. You can create good content and text for your domain and make it SEO friendly to reach maximum number of people. SEO techniques used for the purpose should be search engine friendly and should expect to obey all regulations of search engine submission. 2.

Participating in forums, discussion boards and blog to promote your expired domain: This is perhaps one of the most meaningful exercises that you can undertake to make your domain as a visible entity in the big world of internet. You can post messages, information snip lets and marketing ideas about your expired domain in all well-known internet directories. Once you confirm that your expired domain invisible to thousands of people, you can start earning income by using the following proven methods: Link sales: All internet directories are built with a view to help people to create link sales. With this income earning method, you can sell reciprocal, regular and featured links to your customers and create a solid income base. However, if you are looking for better earning and increased profits, you may need to work towards gaining a higher Page Rank for your expired domain. Getting a good page rank for your expired domain is a difficult and time consuming task that also involves lot hard work.

Revenue from promotion and advertizing: Advertizing and promotion still remain the most trustworthy sources of income for web masters as well as expired domain traders. There are several free online directories that offer you an opportunity to earn decent income from expired domains. Free directories also offer you sizeable amount of traffic and incoming links that you can use for a number of profitable ventures like Google Adsense system. Using an expired domain to earn income by employing an internet directory involves a considerable amount of work. You may need to work hard to either promote your expired domain in its original form or by flipping it into a meaningful web site.

However, remember that most of the internet directories house only working and live web sites. To promote your expired domain in its original form, you may wish to promote it by using a number of discussion boards, blog and newsletters.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is the owner of the path breaking web site called which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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