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Amaze Your Customers And Have THEM POSITIVELY "Raving" About Your Business!" - This Means MORE SALES 4 YOU ! (Advertising By Word Of Mouth & Keyboard Contact !) Do you sell products online? Do you offer a service that you're confident is as good as, if not better than your competition? If so, then I'm sure your website must be riddled with page after page of customer testimonials to prove it. If not. Then without a doubt, you're doing something drastically wrong! Authentic, detailed customer testimonials can be your greatest selling tool! Have you ever noticed how the vast majority of successful businesses - whether selling a product or a service - use this one extremely important selling tool in all their sales presentations - both online and off? It's a proven fact that genuine, verifiable testimonials convert more prospects into buyers! And your web site sales can definitely benefit from this hypnotic and powerful tool.

Testimonials are the one selling tool that you can't be without in ecommerce. Best of all, you can quickly and easily have dozens of testimonials loaded in your sales arsenal, firing your biggest guns, if you understand how the process of soliciting a quality testimonial works. ******************************************* ".

I'm just writing to say that your product is wonderful! I've purchased many other widgets online, but your widget is by far the best widget ever. And it arrived so fast! Your customer service staff was also a pleasure to work with. I will be buying many more widgets from you in the future! Thank you for the excellent product and service.

" Susan B. Customer http://www.susanbcustomer.

com ******************************************** As an astute business owner, do you sometimes wonder. "Just how do these companies pull it off. .

Why do their customers take such initiative to tell the world about their wonderful experience, while most of my customers seem to purchase my product or service and then fade away into a black hole somewhere in cyberspace?" Well, there's an altruistic question you need to immediately ask yourself. "How many times have I followed up with my customers and actually asked them about their shopping experience?" The fact is, if you sell a product or service online, there's no "sneaky little trick" or "magic formula" for obtaining authentic and powerful testimonials. The problem is. YOU HAVE TO ASK! And that's where most online businesses fall short. Here's a perfect example. Take a look at eBay.

Here's a marketplace where anyone and everyone is buying and selling goods and services. Ironically, a buyer usually finds that their only reassurance in making a purchase is by reading over a "Sellers Feedback". And guess what. everyone selling on eBay has feedback. Why? Because ebay sellers ask for it! And they keep on asking for it until they receive it. "It's the ebay way of doing business" ! If you've ever bought or sold an item on ebay, you know that feedback is by far a seller's most important selling tool, and most good sellers have hundreds, even thousands of testimonials from buyers telling the world about their wonderful experience.

Do you think this would still be the case if EVERY seller didn't immediately ask for feedback after a sale? Absolutely not! They too have to ask for it. AND SO DO YOU! So, how do you ask your customers for their testimonials without feeling like you're desperately seeking their praise or approval? Actually, it's quite easy and should be something you do methodically after each and every sale. I've been known to pound the technique of customer follow up into the ground, and here again is no exception. You have to follow up with your customer to make sales, and you have to follow up with your customers to solicit their testimonials. Once again, it's just another example to demonstrate the importance of customer follow up.

Here's a guaranteed way to obtain the feedback your looking for. After a sale (and you can incorporate this technique into a product sale or service), immediately send a confirmation email to your customer. In fact, most shopping carts will automatically do this for you. If selling a physical product, once their package ships, immediately send your customer their tracking number. Then, no longer than seven to ten days after their tracking number is sent, send another follow up email asking your customer if they received their package and if they have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

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