How To Get Free Targeted Website Traffic

One of the most difficult tasks of owning and operating a website is making the website known to the rest of the world. Submitting your website to search engines is not the only way to start getting visitors. Besides, after doing this, it may take months to get your website listed even in any search results! Now you will learn some of the best methods of driving quality traffic to your website. These methods require very little effort and are totally free! Perhaps one of the best methods of driving free targeted visitors to your website is to submit to online forums. Joining an online forum takes less than 3 minutes and you can usually get started right away.

The first step a person should take is to find a forum that is very popular and related to your website content. This can be easily done by performing a fast search on any major search engine. The forums on the very first page are the most popular and get the most visitors. You want the forum to be related to your website content simply because it will help eliminate your post from being considered spam.

Also, this ensures that you will receive quality visitors to your website. A visitor going to a forum about dogs will not want to read your post about something other than dogs and even if they do read your post and click on your link then there is a very high chance this visitor to your website will not stay long enough for the page to get done even loading. However, if the forum is about cars and your website is also about cars then the person visiting the forum will already be interested in cars or else they would not be there in the first place.

Then they go on to read your post and click the link to your website and you got yourself a targeted visitor. After finding the forum for you, the next step is to create a signature line that will contain a link to your website. This is great if you want to post replies to topics already posted by other people. You can also start your own topics but just make sure its relevant to your website content and not spammy, as was already explained. However, even if the forums for some reason do not bring you traffic, the links in your posts will be seen by the search engines and will count as a oneway backlink to your website which will help your search engine rankings. Another great method of driving free targeted traffic to your website is to join online groups.

Joining is free and takes only a couple minutes. Almost all online groups are moderated so you do not want to send to all the members of a group about investing a message about your website that is about toys. This is spam and will most likely be reported. It will not produce quality traffic anyways.

Some groups have one thousand or more members who get the group messages directly emailed to them. Join a lot of relevant groups and send intelligent messages and you will immediately start seeing positive results! Before posting to online groups, it is recommended that you read the group guidelines and terms. Another great method of getting free targeted traffic is to register for free online auctions. There are some good ones believe it or not that actually do bring a ton of visitors. They can be found by performing a search on any of the major search engines. After registering, create an "About Me" page that contains some information relevant to your website and make sure to provide a link to your website.

Also, on every auction listing be sure to make a link directly to your "About Me" page. Then visitors to your auction will see a link to this page and some will click on it and out of these visitors to your "About Me" page a certain percentage will click on the link to your website. And they will be quality visitors because if they did not like what you said in your "About Me" page they would have never clicked on the link to your website. However, even if this does not produce you any traffic you can still make money selling your items for free instead of paid auctions.

And the best part of all, having a link to your website from your "About Me" page will be seen by the search engines and will be counted as a oneway backlink to your website which will increase your ranking on search engines anyways. Finally, another great method of bringing free targeted traffic to your website is to create an email signature. This signature should contain a line or two about your website that will catch the attention of the reader.

It should also contain a link to your website. Email signatures are placed in your emails automatically by your email provider. If you send a lot of emails per week then it is fair to say that a good percentage will see the signature, read the attention grabber and click on the link to your website. The more emails you would send the better and the best part of all it is totally free and requires no effort on your part. Again, do not send spam emails to people in hopes it will produce you more traffic. It is against the law and will most likely result in you being reported.

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