How To Get Instant Results with Web Directory Submissions

We live in the age of instant coffee and the equally instant World Wide Web. As a result most people expect things to happen instantly including success in online business. While in some instances this lack of patience can prove to be a major stumbling block, in other instances the very nature of the web provides for immediate results.

Take web directory submissions as an example. The reason why they have always been so popular is because they work rather well in giving any webmaster immediate results for their promotional efforts. How Web Directory Submissions Work There are literally thousands of web directories on the World Wide Web. Many of them have an option for free submission and another for paid submission. Now the really attractive thing about directories is the fact that they tend to have respectably high Page Ranks (PR).

Secondly in most cases, when a link pointing to your site is placed at a web directory it will tend to last forever, meaning that it will also drive traffic in the direction of your site for the same length of time. So it is highly desirable to have links in every web directory that you can find, pointing in the direction of your site because you will always end up with twofold benefits, namely immediate traffic and long-term traffic. How To Submit Your Site To A Web Directory Submission of your web site or blog site URL to a web directory can be done either manually or by using software. There are a number of webmasters who have enjoyed amazing success and high traffic by constantly submitting their sites to web directories.

What they usually do is to purpose to submit their sites to a certain number of web directories every day. Even with a target of ten per day, the numbers quickly add up and at the end of one month you will find yourself with 300 links. At the end of the year you will have a whooping 3,600. Then there are those who rely heavily on software to automatically submit their sites to a high number of web directories.

For example there is this software that will give you a staggering 750,000 links almost instantly. With a large number of links like that, it is hard to imagine you ever having a problem of inadequate traffic trickling to your site. The Problem With Manual Submission While it is true that many webmasters and bloggers have succeeded in the past with manual submissions, the truth is that it has a number of problems and obstacles, these days. To start with the whole process is very cumbersome and extremely time consuming. The reality is that submitting even just to 10 web directories daily would take up a lot of valuable time from a webmasters day.

This is the reason why software that undertakes this vital chore is so popular on the Internet. The Dangers Of Submitting To Directories With Software Now even if you were to decide to submit your site pronto to web directories using software, you still need to be very careful. On of the reasons for this is that not all software you come across will be as successful in doing what you are told it is capable of doing.

Not only that, some submission software could be designed to do things that upset site engines, meaning that you can easily find that instead of getting the high traffic that you had anticipated, you will get your site banned at leading search engines, thus effectively shutting down any traffic that you would have received directly from search engines. What You Need To Do To Succeed With Directory Submissions For you to succeed with directory submissions, you must first understand that this is a game of volumes. The higher the number of sites that you submit your URL to, the better the result.

This means that the best option is to go for automatic software submission using software. However you also need to be very careful to deal only with very reputable sites when it comes to finding the right software for this vital chore. By observing these rather simple rules, you will find yourself well on the way to success with your site and chances of finding really successful software for submission will be high.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionally goes out for a short walk. Try internet marketing with web directory submissions. Increase web traffic with web directory marketing service

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