Internet Marketing Strategies To Acquire Massive Web Traffic

Most of us know the two greatest factors that create incredible website traffic if worked the right way. These two things are links and most importantly quality, keyword optimized content on your site. What many sometimes ignored, is the several ways you can bring massive traffic to your site. Article Submission Submitting articles to article directories is probably the number one technique in getting links back to your site and most importantly visitors. Not only does this provide your site with one-way links, it also brings in website traffic directly through the article if the reader is interested and clicks. Place your anchor text in your links in the resource box at the end of each article.

Over time, as these articles become distributed all over the web, they will create a steady stream of targeted visitors to your site. Simple, effective and very powerful. Long Tail Keywords With this strategy, instead of targeting highly popular keywords which may be too competitive for your site to win, you create a whole multitude of lesser known long tail keyword phrases to bring in the traffic.

This traffic takes longer to build but because very few webmasters bother with these longer phrases, your keywords will be more stable and secure. Develop a whole list of these traffic generating keyword phrases and Google will reward you with a whole flood of targeted visitors stemming from these thousands of small dribbles of long tail keyword traffic. Social Media Sites As Web 2.0 or Social Bookmarking sites become more and more popular, tagging will become extremely important. You are probably tired of hearing about Web 2.

0 and the new Social Bookmarking sites but they are some of the best places for massive traffic on the web. You should be actively promoting these social bookmarking sites by allowing your visitors to easily bookmark your content. Alternative you can use professional service to tag your site into those social media sites. Another good source of traffic would also be StumbleUpon.

With over 2 millions users, it is definitely a source one should not ignore. Yahoo Answers Another very effective and high converting venue you should try is Yahoo! Answers, a simple process where users post a question and other members/experts offer answers. Used correctly this can be a good source of targeted traffic. Don't forget other important search engines such as MSN Live, traffic from MSN has earned a solid reputation for converting very well. So optimize your web pages for MSN Live Search and you will probably see an increase in your sales as well as your traffic. Content Always keep in mind, the underlying key factor running through all these sources of massive traffic is unique quality content.

You must create good original content on your sites as well as in your articles and posts. Your content must be informative, useful or entertaining. For in the end, it is this quality content that will create the interest, the links and the massive traffic to your site.

Don't ignore this factor or your quest for massive web site traffic will be extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

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