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Getting your articles published across the web is one of the most effective promotional strategies available online. It has the potential to bring in highly sought after targeted traffic to your website now and even years into the future.and that's just from one article you write today. To be effective, your articles need to be distributed to hundreds, even thousands of websites.

This is where article submission services come into play. is a unique article submission service. It's not a software you invest in or download, it's a website that distributes your articles to their list of thousands of directories, publishers and websites. stakes claim to creating the first 100% automated article distribution service on the Internet.

When you join, you are asked to manually register with a few article directory sites and then input your usernames and passwords you chose for those sites into

You only have to do this once. is one of those sites you are asked to register with. The potential exposure from just this popular website can be very substantial.

If you already have a username and password for, you don't need to register again. Just input the information into Now your submissions to is automatic.

When you're ready to submit an article, you are asked to complete some mandatory fields. The title, the article itself, the resource box, a short description, keywords, article category.these are the fields that SubmitYourArticle.

com needs to properly submit to every website in their database. This is the basic service and it's all you really need to do. However, SubmitYourArticle.

com gives you the option at no extra cost to use their exclusive service called Article Leverage. Article Leverage is's answer to duplicate content.

This one of a kind service allows you to potentially distribute a different article to every single website. This feature boosts the uniqueness of your articles and gives you better exposure in the search engines. To use Article Leverage, you need to take at least 20 minutes to fill out additional information.

Most of this time is spent creating variations in sentences, the title and the resource box of your articles. When you're ready to submit, Article Leverage automatically and randomly interchanges the information you provided to create different articles for distribution. The level of uniqueness of every article generated is determined by how much effort you put into creating variations. charges $37 every month to use their service.

You can submit up to eight articles in a one month period. Eight articles may seem like a low number, but makes sense in terms of quality control. It prevents people from submitting hundreds of low quality content at one time, and promotes good, solid content. This helps maintain and increase their lists of prominent publishers and websites who are hungry for quality articles.

Being a member for several months now, I've never reached the eight article limit. offers their affiliate program exclusively to their members. With this program, you can also earn residual income for every person who you refer. You earn 35% of their membership fee for every month that person stays with the program. The affiliate program is two-tiered, so you earn income from every member under you that makes a sale.

Residual income is one of the best sources of income because of the potential to continually make money off of just one sale. Submitting manually to thousands of directories just takes too much time away from other aspects of your Internet home business. SubmitYourArticle.

com offers a necessary tool for today's Internet marketer. With their unique Article Leverage service that gives you an edge, the quality lists of publishers and websites ready to use your articles, and their two-tiered affiliate program that can earn you residual income, $37 a month is a great price. Article distribution is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available today. provides this tool and more.

To learn more about how to join this powerful article submission service and to discover other legitimate ways to make money online, visit right now to get started.

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