It Is That Easy Registering on eBay

It is that easy registering on eBay, many people keep complaining of the fact that, the eBay registration process is the reason they have still not joined the online auction site. I hope after reading this, the perception of most people about eBay's registration process will change. Registering on eBay is very simple, provided you follow all the guidelines, you will be registered and become a member in no time.

EBay members after joining the auction site can search and browse the various categories available to buy or sell. EBay gives you hundreds of categories to choose from, add the sub categories that fall within the hundreds of main categories already available and you'll find a category that has something you want. From eBay Motors to eBay Antiques, you can find from automobiles to collectibles to buy on the auction site. Buying anything on eBay can be great fun. There is the thrill that comes with bidding and the happiness that comes after successfully bidding and completing a transaction. Buying on eBay can be very profitable just as selling, because after all, you do get bargains and this means profiting from transactions which you would not have profited from if you bought from the traditional brick and mortar store.

But hold it; do not get too excited yet. Before you can buy anything from eBay, you need to be registered first. To do this, go to the eBay website of the country you live in or to and you will find your country from there.

It is worth noting eBay is not available in all countries yet. You will find the list of countries eBay is available in on their website. Registering on eBay is very simple, and free, but you must be over 18 to join.

In three easy steps, eBay makes you enter basic information about yourself onto their secure database. Provide them with an email address and your credit or debit card details for verification purposes. If you do not wish to give your credit or debit card details or you do not have a credit or debit card, eBay has another option for you. EBay will ask for an additional or secondary email address to be added to your account. This additional email address must be from an established Internet Service Provider such as AOL, the additional email address can also be from a company, organisation or school. Next you will be asked to agree to eBay's user agreement and privacy policy.

Please do take your time to read this through, so you are fully aware of what your legal obligations and rights are once you are on their website. EBay then sends a confirmation email to the email address you registered (or the secondary email address if a credit or debit card is not held on file). This helps to confirm that the email address you just registered is valid. This email will ask you to complete your eBay registration by clicking on a link in the email that they have sent you.

Once this is done, you become a member of the eBay community and you can start bidding straight away. EBay has a help page dedicated to registration on their website, which is worth reading if you have a problem any time during the registration process.

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