Make Money Now Learn The Spiritual Secrets Of Prosperity

MAKE MONEY NOW LEARN THE SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF PROSPERITY Why do some people turn everything they touch into money? That person can be you. Learn how to practice ancient spiritual laws to exercise your natural power of attraction. RELAXATION BEFORE MENTAL PROGRAMMING Begin your practice session by creating a state of deep relaxation.

Start with your physical body and combine your visualization with your breath. Start deep, complete breathing. Remember that when you are anxious, the breath is short and rapid.

Therefore, in order to create relaxation, you must consciously do just the opposite. Make the breath long and slow. Tell yourself "I am breathing deeply, slowly, and regularly.

Already, my deep, slow breathing is slowing my body down. I am becoming more and more relaxed." Say this over to yourself several times until you really do feel more relaxed.Remind yourself that the brain is the message center of the body. You can deepen your relaxation by sending messages from the brain to every part of your body. You can tell each part to relax until the entire body is even more deeply relaxed than before.

For example, begin with either the feet or the head and address each part as you move from one end to the other. Tell yourself, "My toes are very relaxed. I can feel the relaxation moving into my arches, into my heels, moving over the tops of my feet.

My feet are very relaxed. The relaxation is moving into my ankles and into the lower parts of my legs. My ankles and legs are very relaxed. My knees are relaxed.

I can feel the relaxing energy moving through my thighs and up into my hips. My thighs and hips are very relaxed. My whole back is relaxed. My chest and diaphragm are relaxed. My stomach is relaxed. My lower abdomen is relaxed.

I can feel the relaxing energy moving up into my shoulders and down into my arms and hands. My fingers are relaxed. I feel the relaxation moving into my neck and into the base of my skull. My scalp is relaxed.

The relaxation is flushing down over my face. My eyes and ears are relaxed. My nose and mouth are relaxed. My cheeks and chin are relaxed.

My whole body is relaxed. I am very comfortable. I am at peace.

I am very peaceful and relaxed. Now that you have reached the other end of the body, you will experience a very deep and peaceful feeling of relaxation throughout the entire body. If there are some places that are still tense, spend some extra time focusing relaxing energy on these parts until the entire body feels relaxed. This will prepare you then for the conscious programming of your inner mind for the prosperity you have chosen to experience. 1. Think and Believe that you deserve everything that you want.

Too often we put doubt in our minds about our ability to have more. We tell other people our dreams who make us doubt our ability to have our dreams come true. Stop talking about your goals with negative people. They will poison your mind and interfere with you reaching your goal. 2. Visualize your goal.

Create a mind map with pictures of how different your life will be once you reach your financial goal. Cut out pictures from magazines or download pictures from your computer that represent this change. Take your digital camera and create a success map of things that represent prosperity.

Find the house you'd buy, the car you'd drive, vacations you'd take, friends you'd visit, etc. Have these images somewhere you can look at them on a regular basis. See the balance in your bank account increased. 3. Write 3 affirmations about reaching your goal. For example, "I have everything I wand and need and enough left over to share" "I deserve the best and I accept it graciously.

" "I am financially comfortable." You may think of many other positive statements, but do at least three. Put these in a place where you will see them regularly during your day (on the refrigerator or a mirror). 4 Express Gratitude to whatever you consider your Higher Power to be.

Know that your success has added energy for manifestation because of this acknowledgment. Some examples of these gratitude statements include: "Thank you, God, for all of this good" "Thank you, Great Spirit, for this overflowing abundance" "Thank you, Mother Luck, for these magnificent gifts" NOW PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Copyright (c) 2008 John Lane.

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