Make Money With eBay Classified Advertisments

Due to recent policy changes, new feedback rules and increases in auction fees across the board, it is becoming much harder to make money on eBay. Can you still make money with eBay? Yes it is! And I'm going to talk about one of the most under used features on eBay - the classified ad. While the classified ad format has been around for a while on eBay, it has only recently began to attract attention due to the amount of people starting to use it to its full potential, and making money from it. eBay has even admitted that classified ads are a great lead generation tool, so why not take advantage of it. For the small fee of $9.95 for 30 days you can have an ad running on one of the largest traffic sites on the internet.

While at first glance that might seem a high price, it roughly works out to less than 0.35 cents per day. eBay currently is the fourth most visited site on the internet with billions of people visiting every month.

Even if you could only grab a handful of that traffic you could potentially make a lot of money. Grabbing that sort of traffic means that you are going to have to grab the attention of the potential buyer, and what better way to do that is by using a sales page as your advertisement. A great title is the first thing you will need to encourage people to click on your ad, backed up by a strong description to intice people to take action. Whether that action is to buy your product, contact you for more information, or promote your website, the freedom of what you can do with classified ads on eBay means that it is all possible. Advertisments on eBay are very similar to regular auction listings with a few differences.

- First is that because you are not selling a physical item like you would in a regular auction, you don't have a bid now or buy now button on your listing. - Secondly, you cannot give or receive feedback (which some might say is a good thing now!) - Third, because the sales process happens outside of eBay, there is no final value listing fee. There is still some confusion of what you can and cannot include in your ad, but if you are unsure eBay has it's full policy on it's website.

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