Marketing That Really Works

There are many forms of marketing, but it is tough finding promotions that actually work and do half the job for you. The following is an overview of some popular methods of promotion and marketing that have a history of being effective. These forms of marketing include public speaking, networking, advertising, brochures, newsletters, press releases, and cold calls. To start, two that won't take much of your time are press releases and advertising.

Press releases are always a good idea if you have a new program, service or group you want to promote to the general public. A good idea only because many local newspapers and radio stations will still run a press release free of charge if they feel you are offering a resource to the community. Advertising is only a good route to take depending on what your product or service is, because it can end up costing a lot of money. Public speaking is an effective, slow and steady build. If you do it right you can expect at least one referral for every presentation you give.

Newsletters and brochures have a place in every line of work. Just be sure you use them properly. Newsletters go only to people who know you, for example, your clients, your former clients, and current referral sources.

There are two types of brochures. The first is designed to be read by referral sources. In my opinion it is a waste of time to design this type of brochure because you need to be meeting face to face with potential referral sources not sending them written material.

The second brochure is designed for potential clients to read. After you have established a good relationship and communication with referral sources, you can give them some of your brochures to give to potential clients. Networking, when done correctly, ranks up there as one of the most effective way to build a business through marketing.

Remember it's networking when you are meeting new people in the same field with the express purpose of building referrals. Of these methods, cold calling is the number one way to promote a business and increase sales. What is cold calling? It is a call placed to a total stranger (who you believe has the ability to refer you clients) to discuss the possibility of working together in some way. Although you will face rejection a lot, the end result is worth it. All of your referral sources and the people who know you and love you are already referring you, so when it comes right down to it the only way to build new business is to meet new people.

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