Personal Branding The Best Way to Attract Leads and prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

Are you new to the home business idea? Have you seen network marketing models or Internet businesses promise you can make thousands per month. You may be thinking, yeah right; it's too good to be true. Or maybe you're thinking, yeah I tried that and all I did was waste money and alienate myself from both my warm and cold markets. There is a better way. Its not that these methods don't work, it's just that, like everything else, they too can become obsolete.

Success comes from knowing all the stops and go's in marketing. In today's silicone age, its time we put down the cold calling phone method and the sales pitch. Its time we knew how to mine the Internet for the gold its worth. The sales pitch will no longer work, not that it worked that well before, most people hate selling. In fact, most people hate being sold to, they are being sold to all day long and are more or less immune to the masses of messages that they get on daily basis.

The best method for pulling in people to your team or business is to let them come to you. To do this you need to attract them. Attraction marketing This attraction is the basic proposal in the book "The Secret" and is based on a timeless and ancient principle of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing also known as personal branding begins its idea in becoming the person you want to attract. Attraction marketing is based on alignment with Universal law and the principles of positive energy.

Using the principals of attraction marketing means you are leading not selling. It's important to give value and be of service in a genuine way. Simply put, attraction marketing means being the person you want to attract. In other words, you are the one that needs to change.

If you make yourself into a leader, toss out all those people managing techniques, and become the person you would like to follow, and you'll find that you'll easily be able to generate huge numbers of highly qualified prospects. Identify Your Strengths In order to brand yourself online it's best to start by identifying your strengths. What are your skills, talents? Focus on what you already know and capitalize on that. This will not only differentiate you from others in the Industry, but also you will be more confident when you know what you are talking about. A simple plan to follow is to spend 30 minutes per day reading a book about someone who is already successful in your eyes and use some of their methodologies to develop yourself even further, then spend 30 minutes listening to a CD or other motivational tape based on network marketing, then spend 30 minutes reading about your business. This is a daily model.

Spend some time daily building up who you are. Invest in a website, or get a blog, write a bio on whom you are and why you are starting in this business and what you hope to achieve. Keep this short and to the point, people won't read long winded and complicated messages. Then, most importantly you have to tell them what is in it for them. Tell them what you can do for them and how it can help them do a few specified things in their business.

Provide some experiences from people on your team, or, if you don't have people signed up yet, then find someone who is already in on the same type of market and get them to endorse you. Keep in mind that people join up to people they know, like and trust. Not a company or product. Although, having a great and fantastic company, compensation package, or product can help sweeten the deal, your greatest achievement will be in getting people to trust you.

This is how you attract prospects. Sincerely gain their trust and build relationships by being of service.

Tahmina Ghani is an online marketer who uses and teaches attraction marketing strategies. Learn how to attract qualified prospects to your network marketing business whilst building your own list and generating cash flow in the process. Simple and easy to follow video tutorials show you how.

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