Sure Fire Words To Increase Your Sales

When we are in the buying mood we have often been helped get to that point by the words on the sales page we are reading. For fun go back and look at a sales page of a product you have purchased and see what it says. Let's take a look at 6 of the most powerful words to help you increase your sales.

1. I doubt if there is anything more powerful than the word "free". Nobody makes any money when things are free, so it is kind of ironic when it comes to selling on the Internet how often that word is used. This has almost become more of a bait and switch word used to draw people into a website and then appeal to their emotions with a more powerful offer. 2. The words "limited time offer" always catch my attention when I'm considering purchasing something online.

I may even make a mental note as to when the offer will expire and come back to it and make a purchase if I don't make it on my initial visit. 3. When I see the words "discount" or "sale" it makes me pay attention.

If I perceive the value of an information product to be $100, and they are discounting that down by 50%, that may encourage me to make the purchase as the price becomes more within my budget. 4. I certainly like to see the words "you" or "yours" in ad copy. I have always thought that email marketing has become more effective to do to the fact you can personalize the autoresponder messages with a person's first name.

They feel like you are talking only to them. 5. When I'm looking for something online I like to see the word "new". Because I deal primarily in information products I know the value of having something new.

There is so much recycled private label right crap toady that something truly new is deemed more worthy by me could get me to pull out my credit card. 6. "Testimonials" are extremely powerful as well. Today with the use of video and audio testimonials these can seem very original and truthful. If a real person is offering a positive review of a product that may sway me into purchasing it. This is six powerful words that definitely can increase sales when used correctly.

Nothing compares to offering a quality product, but how you present it on your sales page itself can have a huge impact on a person deciding to make a purchase from you.

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