The Big Website Traffic Generation Secret

I have gone through a lot of courses on online business and traffic generation models, and still found myself failing miserably at it repeatedly! I simply couldn't see myself making those "golden figures" that all the internet business "gurus" seemed to be boasting about! So what did they know extra that I didn't? And then I wondered if these internet "gurus" would really reveal ALL their success formulas to other budding entrepreneurs! I came to the logical conclusion that they wouldn't! While they do provide several good techniques for generating traffic towards your website, they keep the good stuff to themselves - viz. the biggest traffic generation secret! Among the tips that are offered by the "gurus", many have flaws and problems. Take the pay-per-click method of traffic generation for example.

With pay-per-click programs, you can indeed attract traffic to your site that is of a high quality. However, the downside is of course you could be paying a lot of money for those visitors. Natually, no-one can absolutely guarantee that these clicks will convert to sales.

There is always a danger that owners of competitive sites will just click on your ads until your budget has been spent. As for search engine optimization - agreed that you can do a basic level of SEO on your website on your own, without having to pay "professionals" for it, but, it requires a lot of hard work and grind - with all that keyword research, analysis and implementation! An alternative to search engine optimisation is article writing and submission. Again, although you can do this yourself for free, the effort and creative ability required makes it hard. There is a danger that to get your articles written, you will end up spending money on a ghost writer - if you have the budget! Surely, there must be a better way of traffic generation than these! As a matter of fact, there is! This is the best traffic generation method; especially if you are new in this field. Tap on the customer lists of all those "successful" internet entrepreneurs! Rather than starting on your own "list building" from scratch, form joint venture partnerships with other website owners who already have considerable sized lists! Offer them a good percentage of the profits and most of them will agree to your deal.

At first, this may prove quite difficult, but if you are determined, and make a point of contacting as many possible partners as possible, you will have some success. Remember, your contacts only need to send out an email to suggest your service or product, and this should cost them nothing to do. Cultivating joint venture partners was the one method that was never really offered by the "gurus" very often when they were selling their home study courses. However, I have found it to be the best free method for generating traffic to your site. It was the one big secret I needed to know and use.

Now you can do the same too!.

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