The Crazy Numbers Behind Pop Under Ads

The math or numbers behind pop up and pop under ads are amazing and this clearly indicates why many webmasters favor this online marketing tool over many others, more so when it comes to looking for quick results. Pop-up ads are also a very cost effective solution to send unlimited web traffic and visitors to your website. Although, while being cost effective, with this marketing selection you will get thousands of people to actually see and visit your web site at the time that they are looking for your type of products or services. Every webmaster or blogger clearly understands how important page views are.

That is the higher the number of page views you can achieve at your web site, the more profitable a web site or blog site will tend to be. It really doesn't matter whether you are selling your own products or promoting an affiliate program or other people's products, the results and positive impact tend to be the same. While an individual may be visiting your particular web page, this pop up or pop up may occur, causing that person to view the products you are selling. This is so significant because your visitors are not just any visitors, but they are unique visitors, who are interested in and looking for your product. Even if you are just talking about earnings from the Google Adsense PPC program, the effect will hardly be different. The more page views on your Adsense pages, the higher the chances of the ads on your site being clicked and therefore the higher the earnings.

Little wonder that page views are a very important measurement in Google Adsense accounts. Thus any pop up or pop under ad that is relevant and promises more valuable information to visitors to a web site is bound to yield excellent results. The really interesting thing here, is the impact that can be achieved from just a small percentage increase in page views. For instance an increase of just 10 per cent of your page views will quickly register positive changes in your sales and earnings. The impact can be huge from a simple 20 per cent increase.

50 per cent can easily send your sales and profits through the roof. Yet the facts are that pop up ads and pop under ads have the potential to double or triple page views. That is an increase of 100 to 200 per cent. Online businesses MUST have visitors and traffic to visit their websites in order to generate online sales. The more targeted and timely that traffic, the higher the probability of making a sale to those visitors.

You can now begin to imagine what sort of difference this can have on the revenue you receive at your web site. If you go on to ensure that your whole pop up and pop under ad campaign is carried out and managed professionally while observing all the key rules to success, then this online marketing tool can make a colossal difference in the fortunes of any web based enterprise.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionaly gets out for a short walk. The key to successful Website Promotion using pop under ads and professional Internet Maketing service

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