The Insiders Secret To Massive Sales On Ebay With No Product Or Delivery

This article is about an Internet business that you can start today with no cost. A business that people across the world are starting and using to become financially independent, without any real hard work, product creation, marketing skills, or any of the other skills or assets associated with online business. So what is this amazing money maker? Why, eBay of course.

OK I hear the groans already, but bear with me what I am going to tell you about is not the traditional eBay business. This is a business so simple to run that teenagers to pensioners are making a fortune from it. I'm not going to bore you with the mechanics and ins and outs of eBay. It's been done to death, and there are many sources where you can find out how to sign up and get an eBay sellers account.

Just go to and they will walk you through it. If you are not already a member (and that frankly would surprise me), you probably know someone who is, who would be prepared to help you get set up if you don't feel like doing it yourself. But it is very easy and straightforward.

OK, lets assume you have your eBay account. The big problem many new to eBay face is, what to sell? You may have sold a few items from the house and garage, of course these are soon gone, and if you are serious you need a supply of good quality items to sell and generate and maintain a good income. Get this wrong and you won't make a red cent.

Get it right and you can make a killing without ever having any stock or sending out any products. Sound good? You bet. What I am talking about here is dropshipping.

As you probably already know dropshipping is where a company ships a product to your customer for you. How does this come into eBay? Easy, here's an example. Lets say you sell African Masks.

At the site I'm going to tell you about you'll see they sell for around $850. So you list on eBay for around that figure. A customer buys from you and you get their payment and shipping details.

You then go to the dropshipper (either online or by phone) and tell them where to send the Mask, and pay them their price for the item and shipping. You might pay around $200 (out of the money you already received), giving you a healthy profit of $650 for no work to speak of. You never touch the product and you are never out of pocket.

I really don't think it gets much easier than that. Right then, how do you find the people and the products to sell? How do you know about competition? No point in picking products that are being sold to death by loads of other sellers, you'll sell next to nothing. Well that's the great thing about this website. You can go through products from A to Z until you find something you are hapy to sell. Then, by clicking a few buttons you can see how much competiton you will have and what your chances of success are.

In other words this really is a no brainer way to make sure you are starting an internet business that will fly. OK, enough teasing, the site that all eBayers wish they knew about is This is not a free site, but with what it offers it really shouldn't be. This site is an absolute cracker for anyone wishing to start an online business straight away, without any stock, and not even having to deliver the product.

Plus, with the competiton search function you can guarantee success before you even start. You can be selling anything from medieval swords to baby clothes, to gym equipment, without ever seeing one product yourself. No bad debts, no hassle. How easy can it be? Give it a go, you won't look back.

Chris Haycock is an information publisher, specialising in helping others set up and run their own profitable internet business. For more information on the above, and to get an absolutely no cost two hour business video, why not go now to

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