The Lazy Mans Way to Links and Traffic

Getting links and traffic to your website does not have to be difficult. You don't need to spend endless hours at your computer you need to spend less time. How do you do it? Well start by realizing that traffic reaches your website through links to your site. That is true whether they arrive there through search engine results or the direct link itself. There are a couple easy, lazy man ways to open up those linking doorways so your traffic can flow to your site.

Another thing you should know is that links to your site should be from pages that are relevant to the topics on your site. You can get this relevancy for links to your site by submitting your site to quality web directories. Quality web directories are indexed often and the search engines will quickly pick up on the link to your site giving it a vote.

The better quality the directory is the higher the vote is regarded. The more quality votes you get the higher your site is returned in search engine results. That directory link will also provide a doorway for direct traffic to find you. So the traffic to the directory searching for quality resources can easily find your site and the services you offer and follow the link to your site.

Submitting your site to a quality directory for review should take only a couple minutes. Nothing is easier than that. So this article I am writing is taking me about 10 minutes to put together.

This article can provide a limitless amount of lower quality but highly relevant links to my site. I determine the content of the article as I write and make it relevant to the site it links to in the resource box. In this case a high Quality Web Directory. The number of links can be limitless because this article can be picked up and used by other websites so long as they keep the resource box intact.

That means the link to my site. Anyone using the article on their site will provide me with another lower quality, but highly relevant link to my site. That resource box link can also supply direct traffic to my site just like a directory can.

People interested in the topic will read the article through and in some cases click the link in the resource box to get more information on the topic. They may also click the link just to find out more information about the author. So you have two very easy, very simple methods for gaining links and increasing your traffic. You can submit to quality directories to gain quality relevant links which are really doorways to your site and you can write articles to be posted in article directories. Both methods will help you gain links back to your site. Directory links of high quality and some resource box links of lesser quality that could become viral.

Both will drive traffic to your site by improved search engine placement and directly from the link.

The Authority Web Directory can help in your link and traffic building efforts. Begin with a visit and submit your link for review on our Submit Link page.

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