The Money is Still in the list

I have had and still have the privilege to associate with some of the top internet marketing experts who are all promoting work at home and home based business opportunities on their websites and in their email marketing newsletters. The one thing in common that they all have, when it comes to revealing their secrets to making nice incomes online, is that they all got their own large email opt in list. People who have personally agreed to subscribe to what they are offering. A lot of people who do go online in hopes of making it big some day, do not realize that building an opt in email list should be their main goal if they want to become successful.

They think that throwing up a nice looking website and promoting it is the best way to go, without having their own work at home e-zine. If you look at the many work at home sites that are out there on the internet, you will see that not everyone has newsletter opt in form on their website. They will make some money but this will not get them far and close to what the "gurus" are making.

Not having an email opt in newsletter can cost you a lot of money in the long term. Sure, you are making money now without having a newsletter but if you want long term success, then you have got to get your own email list. I got to tell you the truth. I have been listening to "Internet Marketing" CD's in the past 2 years and every successful internet marketing expert talks more about building your list.

They don't talk about having a state of the art website. Their main focus is to get the message out to you that if you want to make it big online just like they have in the work at home and home based business arena, then you need to focus all of your efforts in building a list of email subscribers. The bigger the list, the better. Another thing that I have learned from these amazing audio training courses is that buying subscribers from someone else is not the best way to go when building a responsive list. There is a word for buying or sending emails to people who did not personally request your newsletter and it is called "SPAM" email. This is one thing you will not want to do.

This will not help you. It will only hurt you long term. You will probably get emails from people who will try to sell you a large amount of subscribers. Some people in the past did buy these lists and added them to their email newsletter. This has gotten them banned from the auto-responder company. Now, the best thing to do when someone emails you and offers you a list of subscribers, is to delete that email and move on.

You should add a newsletter subscription form to your website. This is the only way to go. Also, make sure to add a form at the very top of your page so that as soon as your visitors come in, they see the form right away. Your main goal is to get their name and email address before they leave your site. Write the following 2 strong quotes on a piece of paper and look at them everyday.

"The fortune is in the follow up" and "The money is in the list". Copyright (c) 2008

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