The One Internet Marketing Truth All The Gurus Got Right

With so many people trying to show you how to make money online, how do you know what method you can trust? If there is ONE method for making money online that is unquestionable in its results - this has to be it. Because it is without a doubt the Number 1 way of building a stable online business, bar none, and the one thing most people just FAIL to do. MY STORY When I first started marketing online, I was advertising a hell of a lot. Sure I made a few sales, but not every marketing method I tried worked. As for anyone learning internet marketing online, it was no different for me.

A very steep and very expensive learning curve. I bought 10,000 guaranteed hits - No Sales. I paid to join various safelists.

- No Sales So on and so forth. By the way, I was promoting a product that I had purchased the resale rights for, and really all I had done was upload a predesigned sales page and the ebook that accompanied it. At that point, I had no idea about Search Engine Optimisation or free traffic methods, I wanted instant results, and found that what worked best for me was carefully placed solo ads to a carefully targeted audience was what made me the money. Not all of the time, but some and even most of the time.

Let's say, enough that I kept up with what I was doing for some months. The trouble was, whenever I stopped advertising for traffic, my sales stopped too. I had heard and read many times before that the money is in your list. For me, the money was in other peoples lists, and I was paying through the nose each and every month to get the right kind of traffic.

Months passed, and so did thousands of dollars in advertising. To cut a long story short, the one thing I was NOT doing was building my own mailing list. I was getting one time visitors, paying through the nose for them, and not capturing their email addressess. I know SO MANY of my customers even now, despite my telling them repeatedly, are NOT capturing email addresses at the moment either, just like I failed to do at the start. And I know it is because people are too lazy or just don't know how to go about building an email list. The worst thing about this is that people know that they should be doing it, but don't.

My mailing list is growning fast now. Why? Because ALL of my efforts are towards list-building. I NEVER or Hardly EVER advertise to promote a product now.

If I DO advertise, it's to promote my mailing list and to get more and new subscribers. And I am making THOUSANDS of dollars every month promoting my own and other peoples products to my mailing list. Why am I saying and sharing all of this? Well for 5 reasons: 1) There really is NOTHING that will make you more money online month after month than having your own mailing list to market and promote to.

2) I promise you, every guru who has spilled his or her guts out saying "Build your list! Build your list!" is absolutely right. The money really IS in the list. 3) If you are paying for advertising as I was and NOT capturing email addresses, you are throwing your valuable money down the drain. 4) With services like Aweber and Get Response it is easy for ANYONE to start getting their mailing list up and running in no time at all. 5) I hope you actually do this and start building your mailing list right away. You know when you start building your mailing list, its like a drug.

You become addicted. Why? Becasue you start to see the dollars coming in at an INCREASING level as your list builds with each promotional mailing you send out to your list. I don't care what product you are marketing on the internet. If you aren't building a mailing list of people you can market to repeatedly, you will eventually run out of patience, energy, commitment and money to continue your online marketing efforts. The best way by far in my experience to build your email list is to send visitors to a landing page that offers them something valuable in exchange for their email address. Also love them or hate them, pop ups work.

Use them. Another great method is to have a subscription form on your sales page, roughly a third of the way down the page (I have found this to give the best results). Regardless of what method you use, just do it. It's the one surefire way that you will guarantee longevity for your online business and generate profits month after month that just keep increasing as your mailing list grows!.

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