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Paynova has established a partnership with Mobillcash, one of the world's leading suppliers of mobile payment services. Paynova's payment service is to be supplemented by yet another payment method - via mobile phone. This strengthens the potential of Paynova's customers with regard to significant further sales, primarily within the online gaming segment. Yet another payment method available during the third quarter This partnership means that Paynova can also offer its customers payments via mobile billing in addition to the company's 21 existing payment methods.

Thereby Paynova will increase its payment portfolio by 85 mobile providers with access to several hundred million potential consumers all over the world. Technical integration with the Mobillcash payment platform has begun, and Paynova's customers will be offered the option of making payments via mobile billing from the third quarter of 2008. "By adding Mobillcash as a further payment method, Paynova is continuing to develop its payment service, which is already a leader on the market.

The Mobillcash payment method increases income for merchants without taking away from existing payment methods. Now Paynova can give e-retailers all over the world access to a unique and complete mobile payment service," says Glyn Smith, CEO of Mobillcash. Simple for consumers to make payments It's easy for consumers to pay via their mobile phone. Consumers simply provide their mobile number on the website where they want to make a payment, and then they receive a text message confirming their payment.

The transaction goes through immediately and payment takes place via mobile billing. Common payment method within online gaming is expected to generate strong volume growth Paying via mobile billing is now common, particularly within online gaming and downloadable services. Mobillcash is a payment option available to over 80 per cent of all pay applications on Facebook. Market research company Jupiter Research predicts that payments via mobile phones will grow rapidly over the next few years.

Jupiter's forecast is that as many as 612 million mobile users will generate transactions in the order of USD 587 billion during 2011 via their phones. "To be able to offer payments via mobile is something many of our customers have been asking for. Research has shown that e-retailers' sales can increase by up to 20 per cent when the payment methods available are supplemented by Mobillcash. This partnership strengthens our offer, particularly within online gaming where this type of payment is common," says Björn Wahlgren, CEO of Paynova.

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