To Succeed in Your Top Home Business Find A Mentor

Struggling on alone in your new home business, through a succession of costly mistakes is both frustrating and demoralizing. The old principle of learning by trial and error can certainly be an option, provided you have endless determination, lots of time on your side, and no shortage of spare cash to finance your mistakes! There is also a high risk of becoming disillusioned, losing focus and consequently joining the endless numbers of people who having tried and failed, throw in the towel and walk away. It is possible to be luckier than most, or perhaps have a superb sense of judgement, thereby reducing the ratio of failures in the trial and error process. Most of us, without having had a long career in business might not be so lucky. Perhaps you should ask yourself whether you really need to keep on making all these mistakes, (or whether it might not be smarter!) to learn from successful people who have gone before. This is why you are urged to find a suitable mentor.

In selecting a business-mentor, one should consider a number of criteria: Does your chosen mentor have a track record in your field of business? Does this person have a record of success? Is he/she skilled and experienced in the mentoring process? Is there an easy way to ask questions, and to discuss solutions to problems? - Is this process formalized and established? It's unlikely that you'll be able to build a healthy relationship with your mentor, unless he/she is motivated to achieve this. Even if you have to pay for it - a business opportunity which offers a mentoring programme must be first prize. In the end the cost is likely to be significantly less than that of trying and discarding a series of failed programmes.

Membership of and participation in a successful mentoring programme will probably be your best investment ever, in establishing your own top home business! You will also gain a significant advantage from participating in online forums related to your business. You will probably start off by asking questions and seeking advice on matters of concern to you. In this way you will get to know other, possibly more experienced people, from whom you can learn.

With time you will become more knowledgeable and will eventually be able to assist others with answers from your own experience. (This is indeed a truly valuable, enriching and worthwhile experience.) Do yourself a favour and lock in to a real, business mentoring programme, preferably with a direct link to your field of business. There can be no better way to accelerate your online home business towards success! More tips and useful ideas will follow in the next article in this series.

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