Top Best Methods to Promote your Home Based Business

There are many effective ways to promote your home based business. Many of which are free or very cost efficient and if used correctly, will bring you a great amount of traffic to your web site. I could go into great detail on all the wonderful promotion methods, but instead I will spare you the read of a thirty page book and touch briefly on what I believe to be the top five: Forum marketing, blogging, pay per click, article marketing, and e zines. Heres a brief look at each in no particular order. 1) Forum marketing - Forum marketing is a great way to spread the word of your home based business by communicating with other people with similar businesses on a daily basis.

By posting topics and answering questions you will begin to build a rapport of your name and business. Once people respect your insight and answers, they will start to trust you as an authority figure. Once you are a trusted authority you can find ways to sell your information and services and begin to make money from people on the forum by using your signature that is included in every post you make. 2) Blogging - Posting on a blog on a daily or weekly basis can be extremely beneficial to your home based business. You can advertise what ever you want with what ever words you choose to use. There are also many blog communities on the net that you can join and share your blog with others.

If people read your blog post and like what they see, most likely they will be back to check it out again. A blog can also be used as a referring spot to send your e zine list to when promoting a certain program or product. 3) Pay per click - Pay per click programs are opportunities for guaranteed visitors from most of the major search engines. For a certain price, you will get a number of acquired clicks to whatever site you are promoting.

Pay per click can be an extremely effective method to use because the people clicking on your site are highly targeted visitors. Most of the pay per click programs allow you to set up a daily budget so you get the exact number of clicks you pay for. Selecting non competitive key words and setting up a daily budget are essential to making this type of promotion work for your home based business. 4) Article Marketing - This is the cheapest and maybe the most effective method to promote your home based business.

In fact, article marketing is absolutely free if you manually submit your articles to the article directories. Using this method will benefit your home based business in two ways. First, the readers of your articles who are genuinely interested in your writing may click on your url's in the resource box and you will get targeted traffic that way. Secondly, over time, article marketing will allow you to build many back links to your web page. The back links you build will ultimately help your organic ranking in the search engines which will bring you the same targeted visitors as PPC but this method won't cost anything.

5) Solo ezine ads - Using this method will also give whatever program or product you are promoting immediate and high exposure. Ezines are groups of people who opted in to your own or someone else's newsletter. In a sense it is just a list of targeted email addresses. There are directories of ezines with thousands of email addresses that will sell a one time or solo ad to this large group of people.

To be effective with this method you must look at the cost of the add versus the conversion ratio. If you pay one hundred dollars for an add to 1000 people and are selling a ten dollar product, to break even you need to convert just ten out of that thousand. There you go, my top 5 best methods to promote your home based business! There are many others which are worth looking into but using a combination of the aforementioned will help you maximize your earning potential online.

If you have a home based business and are looking to advertise, these five are a tested and proven way to make money online. Getting exposure now will help establish long term success for your home based business. Get started today!.

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