Top Home Businesses How to Persuade Visitors to Stay Longer at a Site

The chances are that if you have a standard, mass-market style website, most visitors will glance at it and quickly move on. Statistics tell us many things about internet users, but amongst the most useful to us as site-owners are the following: 1.They're looking for information about something.

2.They're mostly put off by hard-sell advertising. 3.

They're easily discouraged if it's difficult to find what they're looking for. 4.If they don't find the site visually appealing they will move on quickly. 5.

People are far more likely to study the content of your site, if it has your personal stamp on it. The chances are against us, in the light of the above, to get and maintain the readers' attention. We can examine some ways of getting around these problems, and tipping the odds more our way.

The visual impact is without doubt the first one. A site that is poorly constructed, muddled or unattractive to look at doesn't even get out of the starting blocks! The logic is very simple: if the site owner doesn't have the interest and initiative to make his site look good to the visitor, it's likely that he pays as little attention to its content. Make your site look really appealing, by the careful use of colour, and make the layout such that it is easy to find the information the visitor is seeking. Although it's an idea to use technology to include some clever features, don't make it too gimmicky or those benefits will be lost.

You will need something eye-catching, positioned at the top of your home-page to capture the visitor's attention. Remember to focus on the benefits to the visitor - what's in it for him or her? Remember your visitor is not looking to buy anything - she wants information. Make that information easily available, in an appealing way.

It's a good idea to offer a useful gift such as a free training programme or newsletter. Position yourself as an expert in your field. It's not necessary to claim that massive earnings are likely, but rather to show that you've been there got the T-shirt and that you're prepared to share the information required to make a success of this opportunity. Your visitor can then make her own selection from the top home businesses available to her.

In other words, "This is the information you need and these are the benefits to you." If you don't have web-design skills or even a flair for this, pay someone to help you, or to do it for you. A professional-looking website would be more likely to offer something worthwhile, than something carelessly designed that looks as though it's been thrown together. Sometimes the technical gurus become so involved with technology, that they overlook the simple issues. Keep it simple to navigate around the site, particularly so that the information your visitor is looking for can be easily accessed. If you provide a number of options from which to select, keep the instructions clear and simple.

You'd be surprised how difficult it is sometimes to find the "Yes-I want it" option in some sites! Personalize your site so that it doesn't look just like another of the mass produced sites. If you are able to tell a little about yourself and how your life has changed for the better, you have an increased chance of persuading your visitor to take a closer look at your offer. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely hope that you have found the information useful or thought provoking.

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