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ABOUT SEAN KELLY (CREATOR OF VIRAL PDF) Sean Kelly is a software developer who creates software applications related to PDF files. His products include PDF Locker, PDF Printer and Viral PDF. ABOUT VIRAL PDF Viral PDF is a piece of software allowing you to brand PDF files that you have created. What this means is that you can allow readers to rebrand certain links within the PDF with their own links.

For example, you could perhaps let readers alter certain links to their own website links. Alternatively, you could allow readers to convert links to your own product into affiliate links so that they would get a commission everytime this link generates a sale. You may be wondering why you would want to allow readers to change certain links in your report when you've gone to all the trouble of creating it.

Well there are a number of reasons, but the main application will be if you want your PDF to go viral i.e. you want it to be distributed as widely as possible across the Internet. For example, if you have created a short report which contains links to your premium product and has the main purpose of selling your premium product, you will want as many people as possible to see this report.

The more people that see the report, the more chances you have to sell your premium product. So first you will grant resell rights and/or giveaway rights to this report. However, what's the incentive for people to resell/giveaway your report instead of other reports? What about a cut of all the commissions that their report generates? If they can rebrand this report with their affiliate link to your product, then they will gain a commission everytime their report generates a sale for you, so they will be much more motivated to distribute it.

It's a win-win situation for both you and the reader. The reader wins because they get paid to distribute a product they haven't even had to create. You win because you get affiliates selling your premium product for you. Therefore, by making your report brandable, you can seriously increase it's distribution across the Internet. Now you know what Viral PDF does and why you would want to use it in this way, I will now discuss Viral PDF's ease of use.

Basically, you prepare your ebook as normal except the links and text you want to rebrand have to have an -8- tag on either side. Now I'll be honest. It did take a little while getting used to writing my ebooks in this way, but once you've written a few ebooks which have been formatted for rebranding you start to get the hang of it.

The instruction manual that is included with Viral PDF is well written and explains this tag system perfectly. Once you have tagged everything (text and links) you want to rebrand, you can then convert the document into PDF format. There are two pieces of software included with Viral PDF; the Viral PDF Signer and the Viral PDF Rebrander. After you have composed your ebook in the correct format and created your PDF file, you then have to sign it.

To do this, you open the Viral PDF Signer, drag across the PDF file you want to be signed, click Sign and then save it. This really is an easy step (just drag and drop) and once you have done this your PDF file is all ready to be rebranded. The signed copy is what you will be distributing to your customers with the Viral PDF Rebrander so they can rebrand it. Overall, Viral PDF is not the easiest product to use. You don't simply select the links and choose what you want them replaced with. However, once you've done a few test runs it gets pretty easy to use.

What I really liked about Viral PDF was Sean Kelly's customer service. I was having problems with the Viral PDF Signer not working with my PDFs (I was using Open Office to create my PDF files). Sean got in touch promptly saying the problem was due to the formatting of Open Office PDFs and he would begin work on an update immediately. Sure enough, in a couple of days Sean sent me the update and it worked perfectly. My main criticism of this product is that it doesn't seem to support encrypted PDF files. Therefore, people can copy the text within your branded PDF file.

Apart from that I have no complaints. Viral PDF performs all the tasks that Sean says it does and after a few uses it is pretty easy to get the hang of. GOOD POINTS - You can give your customers more incentive to distribute your ebooks. - You can increase affiliate sales of your product. - You can increase your website traffic.

- Sean's customer service is excellent. BAD POINTS - Viral PDF doesn't work with encrypted PDF files. - The interface does require a little practice and takes some getting used to. HOW I HAVE GAINED FROM VIRAL PDF I have created a number of brandable ebooks and plan to develop more. I've also benefitted at the other end of the scale. I have branded other people's ebooks, rebranded them and received affiliate commissions for my efforts.

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