Where To Start Advertising Your Internet Business

Lets say you have a new Internet business and you want to start promoting an online! Where should you start advertising a new Internet marketing business? We will assume that you have a small budget of $100 a month that you would like to use to promote your Internet business. Let's also assume that you have a small website that you intend to add content to on an ongoing basis. You might even want to start a blog. 1. The first thing you should do is set up an auto responder. Companies such as Get Response offer an outstanding autoresponder where you can capture your visitors contact information for future follow.

I would never start an advertising campaign of any kind without having a way to capture contact information of the visitors coming to my website, blog, or landing page. 2. I would take an account with an automatic article submission company such as Submit Your Article or Article Marketer. Because they allow you to submit one article to literally hundreds of article directories with one click these companies are worth every penny that you pay them.

Taking and monthly account with Submit Your Article will cost you $37 a month and will pay you back many times over. Article marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business and you can see right here that it is not that expensive from a dollar and cents standpoint. 3. If you cannot write than I would hire a writer to write for you. You can expect to pay somewhere around $8-$10 an article and with Submit Your Article you can submit 8 articles a month paying $70-$80 to have them written for you. This would use up your $100, but would get you off to an excellent start in promoting your business.

4. I would also begin to do several free advertising methods including forum marketing, blogging and social bookmarking, and really concentrate on email marketing to my list that I'm building. These are all things that will not cost you money but will cost you time. No matter what you do expect to invest some time into advertising your business on the Internet. It is important that you realize how competitive it is in your niche. The only way to compete with them is to more visitors to your site, and utilizing some of these methods I just talked about is a great way to do get started.

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