Why eBay is the Greatest Opportunity on the Internet

Have you found it difficult to make money on the internet? If so, you're not alone. Whilst the internet is an incredible animal, in my opinion it is becoming increasingly difficult to find ways and means of making a decent income via internet marketing. It used to be that many people in internet marketing could earn big money by following the ideas promoted by the early adopters on the net.

But the internet marketplace has begun to resemble to network marketing. In other words, if you are high enough in the internet pyramid, you can look forward to earning a good slice of income. As more and more people have piled in, looking to make money from the internet space, the competition continues to grow exponentially. And with most people in internet marketing following the principles put forward by a handful of so called gurus, it isn't surprising that few are these followers are doing well. The irony is that as the internet space gets more crowded, this brings greater opportunity to those of us who recognize how to take advantage of it. Think about this.

The number of websites continues to grow to dizzying numbers. When you went onto Google's search engine, they used to show how many pages it had indexed. But it got silly, and they stopped showing the number some years ago when it went over 2 billion! Just imagine, you set up a website to sell something. You build a really great looking website.

Your products are stunning, and your pricing is unbeatable. Whoopee, you're going to make your fortune! The only problem is that nobody on the internet knows your site exists. You can try spending that fortune you haven't got, on getting your website noticed - if you wish. Or, and here's a little idea for you, you could take your products and place them on a website which already gets massive internet traffic. And then all you have to do is attract a tiny fraction of that traffic to take a look at your proposition.

I know what I would rather do. And that, ladies and gentleman, is what eBay offers you. Why set up a new website and try and compete with the giants who have unlimited marketing budgets? Why try and sell anything from a website that gets zero traffic? eBay is already there, is known the world over and gets billions of visitors each month.

If you have good products at good pricing, your ONLY challenge with eBay is to use smart techniques to channel some of their traffic to see your offerings. There is plenty of information freely available on the internet to show you how to get your share of eBay's traffic. If you want to make money on the internet, the choice is yours. You can compete with 2 billion plus other websites, or you can attach yourself to the coat tails of eBay.

This article is brought to you by Brian McGregor. He doesn't claim to be the greatest eBay expert in the world, but he can help if you want to make money on the internet. You could start by subscribing to his free eBay newsletter

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