Why Quality Content Is A Long Term Winner

Quite often in Internet Marketing we are sent conflicting messages. One person says to do "X" whilst the next says you must do "Y" because it is better! Both have evidence and powerful reasons, but who do you listen to? One of the dichotomies of Internet Marketing is that you need a lot of sites and a lot of content in order to be successful, but creating this takes time, effort and sometimes a lot of money. So how do you create a lot of sites and content that has a lasting effect on your business? Many people are promoting software that throws up websites in an instant or creates hundreds of articles from one source. These are really good to rapidly create content to put on your website. The only trouble is, what sort of quality is this content going to be? No matter what the product owners tell you (remember, they want to make a sale here!) the content will always be a bit strange.

It will either be duplicate content that is seen all over the Internet, or it will be machine generated articles based on synonyms and phrases that really don't make a lot of sense. Yes, this will be fantastic for the search engines and get your site listed and ranked. However, how often do search engines buy products? It is the visitors to your site that buy your products, and so your site really needs to focus on them. With machine generated sites you can churn out a lot of sites and get listed quickly.

However, as a long term business strategy, it is probably not the best thing for you to do. Why? Because many search engines are wising up to this and starting to drop machine generated sites from their listings or penalise them strongly. Also because if a visitor comes to your site and it is optimised for a search engine, how much fun is it going to be for them? Are they likely to stay and try to understand the random wording in your articles, or are they going to go somewhere else and find someone who is more intelligible? If you are serious about creating a long term strategy for Internet Marketing Success then you need to provide quality content to your readers.

This establishes you as an expert and as a credible source of information. It will help you to build trust with your readers and as we all know, people buy from people they like. So if they trust you, then they are probably going to like you and be happier about buying from you. Whilst others may advise you to churn out sites quickly with machine generated pages, you should consider that it is not the webpage itself that the search engines penalise, but the domain name.

So if you decide to return to the domain name some months on, you may find that it has been penalised by the search engines and it is difficult to retrieve your ranking. Providing high quality content is a long term strategy for success that will see your site riding high in the search engines and your profits being continuous over time.

Jason E Johns is a successful Internet Marketer & personal coach dedicated to your success. Learn more about affiliate marketing , at

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