Why Your Most Important Ad Is Your Web Site

It is just amazing how people will spend so much time, effort and money on marketing their web sites and then totally neglect to allocate any time to the improvement its' improvement and maintenance. They will hardly take the time to improve on the content and design. Many times they will not bother to ask themselves how long a visitor is bound to spend at their site, once they are there. All these are critical issues that are even more important than the actual marketing of the site. The reason is simple ? It is useless to drive traffic to your web site if most of the visitors will end up hitting the "back" button the minute they set eyes on your site. Always remember that your web site or blog site is your most important advertisement.

It is in actual fact a much better strategy to start off working very hard on your site and testing various pages to see how your potential visitors react to it. Before you launch any marketing or advertising campaign for your site, you must for example know which of your pages is the most popular with visitors. There are webmasters who have very successfully pursued the marketing strategy of using their sites as their main advertising tool and doing various things including giving visitors an incentive to refer others to the web site. One of the most effective ways of generating this initial traffic to help develop your site is with the use of press release distribution. The added advantage here is that while you are at the same time getting press and media coverage you need your site is receiving quality targeted traffic.

When it comes to the online world, press releases can easily prove to be many more times as effective. This is because there are many more popular outlets that are open to receiving and using the content in press releases. These include online versions of well-known newspapers and publications, news and current affairs sites as well as popular blogs to name a few. The value of the exposure and recognition from press release distribution may often times cause enough publicity to launch small online businesses into multi-million dollar businesses and transform mid-to-large size companies into the billions. The Advanced PR press distribution from Majon.

com is the quickest, safest and most cost effective way to distribute your exclusive press release via internet. We distribute your stand-alone press release direct to our wide distribution list including the entire major (and many mid-size) newspapers, online web magazines, wire services and many more media sources. Advanced PR will distribute your press release to over 680,000+ targeted press contacts. While powerfully increasing web site traffic your gaining exposure that will last a lifetime. Even if you wish to use other marketing methods, it helps a great deal to ensure that your most important advertisement is well able to retain visitors and to attract repeat visits. This is really the only way that you'll be guaranteed to get good results whichever marketing and traffic generation tool you choose to use.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionally goes out for a short walk. Email marketing and press release services two of the most successful website advertising methods on the web today.

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