Wikipedias Secret to Google Domination

Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI is the hottest trend in Google today and the secret behind Wikipedia's runaway success as the top raking site for just about anything you can imagine on Google. In short, LSI considers the words around your main keyword as "hot topics" that add to the credibility of the page. If I target the term "SEO" I have a much better chance of high ranking if I use the right words around it. Of course, finding these words would be near impossible without a service like Quintura. But with this magic bullet, it's easier than ever to get on top of Google and stay there! Here's how.

1.) Visit 2.) Enter your keyword and click the search button. A "cloud" shows up on the page with the words you need.

3.) Review all the other words in the cloud but focus on those bolded. These are good, but it gets better. 4.) Hover your mouse over your original keyword and focus on the updated words that show up.

These will get you over the top! Let's revisit that "SEO" example I just talked about. My first cloud shows the bolded words "marketing, services, expert, optimization, and "company." These are good, but they get better. When hover the mouse hover "SEO" I get "optimization, search engine, expert, services and company.

" Even better! Want a little more punch with a second mention of your keywords? Try combining a couple into a keyword cluster if they fit. For my example it might be "search engine optimization expert" added somewhere near the end of the page text. That's three keywords in one cluster. Just don't go too crazy.

The goal is to use these words on your page if they fit naturally. And if you really want to steal a page right out of Wikipedia's secret playbook, consider creating a separate page for each of the "hot topic" words and linking to and from them within the text of each page. That's how Wikipedia takes it one step further and wins the top spots on Google almost every time. Finally, keep inbound linking in mind.

This is huge. Without quality inbound links, you can have the best site in the world and Google will ignore it. Continue to build up your inbound links and be sure to check your ranking at least weekly. If you decide to go with a product to do the linking and rank checking for you, I recommend a product called SEO Elite (http://www.SEOeliteWeb.

com). It's $167 and saves most SEO professionals and do it yourselfers at least forty hours up front and twenty hours per month, per site. It's also good at locating those hard to find "authority sites" so loved by Google. Well that's LSI, short and sweet. And the time to start using it could not be better. With Google constantly working more LSI strategies into their algorithms, the time to get on board is definitely now.

Good luck.

Mike Small is the founder of the popular SEO blog,, which offers the latest SEO tips and expert advice.

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