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I am an average Australian my main full time job being in Project Management.I wanted to look for smarter ways of earning money and i wanted to start with an online home business. I was disappointed and frustrated at the extraordinary promises they make with no results. I was sick of making payme ntsonline to start data entry jobs or marketing products online and getting cheated at the end of the day. My extensive research on the net helps me to classify the online marketing strategies generally into 3 major categories. 1.

Marketing your own product or service: Marketing your own product online. Can be any product like an antique or cosmetics or service like cleaning or counseling. To do this you need to be a well-experienced online marketer and you need to do this on your own. I don't think this is advisable for an Internet newbie like me. 2. Advertising sites: Here you create websites and allow others to advertise on your site and charge for each time the ad is clicked which is called Pay Per Click (PPC).

You get to choose your market by keywords and develop a web site, which has information relevant and important to the market you are targeting. Ad sense sites are the most common sites for creating the advertising sites. If you register with Google Ad sense , Google places ads on your web site and each time the ad is clicked, Google pays you. 3. Affiliate Marketing: Marketing other peoples' products and services on your web site is Affiliate Marketing. You get a commission for selling each unit of the product for the business you are affiliated with.

This can be successful only when the business marketing system is more than 95% automated, availability of comprehensive training and guidance for you and an excellent support system provided by your team. This may have a higher initial cost than the above online marketing systems. But I believe "You will get according to whatever you invest".

There are not many successful and honest affiliate marketing systems which provide highly automated systems, good products that you will be proud about advertising, excellent mentoring and support from your sponsor and also a market not yet saturated with the program. I found Wealthy Marketer to be one such program quite new to the market but keeps up the promises it offers to the customers. I believe this will work for you as well.

Why not give a try?.

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Affiliate Marketing

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