Write Articles To Help Build Your Business By Building Your List

I know you've heard many times that to be successful at Internet Marketing you have to have a list. You can build your list in many ways but the quickest and most effective way is by writing articles. Many ezine publishers and website owners are constantly looking for new and up to date information for their publications and web pages. Article writing is the perfect way to provide that information and build an opt-in list. A lot of new and some experienced Internet Marketers get confused about the obvious use of the opt-in list. The main objective is not just to build a list of names and email addresses.

Its purpose is to help you build your business by providing you with a valuable list of names and email addresses that are of good quality. Millions of people search the internet daily for numerous reasons. The majority of them are usually looking for information on one or a variety of subjects that they just want to know more about. Here are a few things that you should consider when writing articles to build your business: 1.

Find out what type of information people are looking for and provide it for them. This can be done easily by asking the members who are currently on you list what they want. If you don't currently have a list you can always visit different forums to find out what people are asking for.

2. Keep in contact with the members on your opt-in list and get to know them. Obviously, if they are subscribing to your list, and staying around, they are interested in what you have to say and you have something in common. You can ask them to recommend you to their friends, family or co-workers who have the same interests that you have and they can help you build your business.

3. Be careful not to frustrate the members on your list by constantly providing too much information by email too frequently. Though they may like to get email, try not to send too many emails too often. You can provide the best quality information there is but if you over do it some of your members will opt-out and leave you because of information overload. When you write articles and submit them to article directories in most cases it is free.

It is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website, get free advertising and build your opt-in list all at the same time. Make your articles key-word rich about your website topic and strive to keep the word count between 400 and 600 words long. There are times that they will be longer but make sure you check the article directories rules as different article directories have different rules about article length. Always include a resource box at the bottom of your article with a little bit of information about yourself and include a link to your website. You will soon build credibility and draw more targeted traffic to your website as your articles are read by others and they begin to click on the link to your website and opt-in to your list.

You will also start to get noticed by search engines and get established as other website owners begin to publish your articles in their ezines, to their list and on their websites. So, to build your opt-in list quickly and drive traffic to your website, write good quality articles and submit them to the article directories often.

Angela Meyers is a writer and internet marketer who writes and publishes eBooks and media material on various ways to make money online. Want to find out several different ways to make money online? visit:

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