Writing Articles The Right Way

Just about anyone who has a business on the Internet uses article marketing as part of their marketing efforts. Article marketing is when a person writes an article related to a product or service they're offering in an attempt to get more people to become their customer. Unfortunately not many people even know the right way to write articles. One of the keys to writing articles is to make sure they will rank high on the search engines. This is done through search engine optimization.

This means that the article is written using a keyword or a keyword phrase in the article so that the article appears when that keyword or keyword phrase is searched for. Just about everyone who writes articles knows that the articles have to be search engine optimized. So this is followed but the other key for the right way to write articles is completely overlooked.

The other key ingredient is to make sure the article is well-written, easy to read, and informative. Too many people simply write an article as fast as they can and pump it full of keywords or a keyword phrases and then throw it up on the Internet. The article is not educational and has no value to anyone.

So people will find the article but they won't go any further. So anyone writing an article has to remember there are two steps that must be taken by any potential customers. First the person has to find the article and then they have to read it and find enough value to want to continue to where the article directs them.

There are many people who write articles but absolutely it. Many of these people also have no idea how to write a good article. Luckily there is a formula they can follow.

The first part of a good article is the title. The title should include the keyword or keyword phrase and it should also promise to give a benefit to the reader. For example, it might promise it will tell them how to save money on gas or it might promise to tell them how to write an article the correct way (just as the title of this article does). One thing to keep in mind is to always give people a list or a specific number of solutions to a problem. People love reading these types of articles. Next an introduction has to be written.

This will introduce the reader to the topic and should include a "hook" - something that will keep the people reading. Then in the body of the article, you should give them the benefit that was promised in the title. Make sure you give them what was promised. If you promised "4 Ways to Save Money on Gas" then you better give them 4 ways to save money on gas. If not, they'll get disgusted and simply click-out of your article.

Finally, in the conclusion you should just sum-up what the entire article was about. Some people like to make the conclusion a mirror image of the introduction. Many people write articles and post them on the Internet but not many people actually know the right way to write articles. A good article needs to be optimized for search engines and it also needs to be well-written so that the article leads the reader to where you want them to go.

Ken Troyer is a very passionate online entrepreneur and has a very high level of integrity. Ken has been involved in online business coaching since 2005...and has developed several successful websites since then. You can read more about Ken over at his main website: Online Business Coach

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